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4002 S Yale Ave Ste B
Tulsa, OK 74135-6070

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  • Apart of matching clothes, yellow sunglasses lenses can increase contrast in hazy, foggy or low-light conditions to help you see clear. And sunglasses with yellow lenses tend to make objects appear sharper both indoor and outdoors. That make yellow sunglasses popular for people who like hunting. Nevertheless, yellow sunglasses lenses also cause color distortion that make it not recommended when drive on the road.

  • It is possible to have pinguecula from allergies. Pinguecula is the collagen fiber degeneration. The pinguecula is the white-yellowish deposit of this fiber on sclera. In most cases it appears in the corner near to nose. The most common causes of pinguecula is the exposure to sunrays or winds. Long-time exposure to UV rays would make it a higher risk to develop pinguecula. UV rays exposure also makes the bump grow. Meanwhile allergies can also cause pinguecula fomation, because anything causes irritations to eyes would cause a pinguecula to grow, including allergic to pollen, bacterial or viral infections. The yellowish bump is very annoying, but no other severe impacts to vision. But we know that the yellowish bump on the sclera makes people look old, so most people want to prevent it. I think it is better to wear a pair of sunglasses to protect eyes from damages from sunrays and winds. Take a healthy diet rich in nutrition which are good for eyes, for example vitamins, omega-3 fatty and so on.

  • The basic and easy way for you to check whether your child is color blind is to give him some colorful pictures with numbers inside and ask him the exact numbers. If he can say the right ones, he is not color blind. If not, he may be the color blind. However the scientific and right way is to bring him to the hospital and ask the doctor to have a check.

  • Yes, eye color will change in our life, but it changes slowly. I don't know why. But I think it is a natural phenomenon that we shouldn't worry about that. And it will not cause any side effect on our eyesight if it doesn't change quickly and obviously. If you don't like the color of your eye, you can change it with colored contact lenses. Do remember to have the eye doctor's prescription before you buy that!

  • Yes, anesthesia often cause blurred vision of several hours or even a few days. Anesthsia affect your brain neurons, whose procedure include blurred vision,dizziness and fatigue.Time of symptoms depends on how fast your body recover. But this influence to your vision is temporary and not expected to cause permanent side effects on your eyesight. If you

  • It sounds like that your body is reacting to your nervousness. You shall practice speaking more with eye contact to your friends to help you reduce nervousness. Also, as you remind of burnning in the eyes, it sounds like eye infection. Or have you spend too much time in front of computer screen? If so, it is normal to get watery and burnning eyes. And it is a accident that these symptoms happen when you talk to people. Don't worry, Take a deep breath and a good rest.

  • It does take time to adjust to monovision contact lenses. Monovision contact lenses are used to correct one eye for distant and the other eye for near. So many people find it difficult to get used to monovision contact lenses. Some people will wait for several weeks to adjust to monovision contact lenses. While some people can get used to monovision contact lenses a couple of months after they begin to wear monovision contact lenses.

  • Um... Actually Kaylee, eye color DOES change over time. It's not a matter of opinion, it's scientific fact. But if you have darker eyes, it may be harder to detect. I have hazel eyes and some days they are a dark yellowish brown (aka amber or golden) and some days they are a lighter seafoam green with some yellow flakes and sometimes they are a dark olive green. It can some times change depending on lighting and what colors you wear or if you have a tan.

    Many babies are actually born with light color eyes (I was born with blue eyes) and after about 3 months to a year old their eyes get darker and will usually stay that color most of the time. The Iris, like the skin and hair, has melanin which decides the pigmentation (color). Exposure outside in the sun with out uv protection sunglasses over time could cause the eyes to darken a few shades (kinda like a tan on the skin or when your hair lightens in the sun). Sometimes if you have an illness of the eyes (like glaucoma or cataracts) it could cause the pigment to lighten. Some people also believe that a raw food diet may help lighten your eye color. Pretty much the only people whose eye color cannot change are true albinos because they have absolutly NO pigmentation and do not tan but burn easily. People with very dark eyes might not experience this as well due to too much pigmentation making it difficult to see any changes.

    Another odd pigmentation fact about pregnancy, scientist have found that after a woman has her first child her hair permanently darkens a shade or two(though sometimes it's unnoticeable). It's believed to be cause by hormones.

  • Ray Ban is the manufacturing company that makes genuine sunglasses. They have been doing this for more than 80 years which owns the high reputation. The ray ban sunglasses are so cool that attract lots of customers. And the quality of it is so excellent which is so durable that can be worn for many years.

  • You can wear contact lenses when you go to skiing. Actually, you should wear contact lenses if you have near-sightedness. Glasses may be harmful if you fall. So wearing contact lenses can be a necessity when you do some dangerous exercise. Do not wear glasses. The best choice for you is wearing goggles with prescription.