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Phillip Cook

Phillip Cook

(918) 747-1578

Category: Optical Stores

4520 S Harvard Ave Ste 150
Tulsa,OK 74135

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  • Well, you can see maggot or larvae with unaided eyes. They will move because they are alive. And they are also visible. Besides, there will be continuous eye pain caused by these foreign bodies. I think you must see an ophthalmologist immediately if you suffer from this.

  • An eye infection is a bacterial or viral infection of the eye or the tissue immediately surrounding the eye. Common eye infections include conjunctivitis, often called pink eye. So not only children will suffer such eye problems, but also adults do so. Adults patients are much less than children patients because there is a complete and strong immune system in adults body. But no matter who you are, the causes of eye infections are almost the same. Eye infections are most commonly due to a virus or bacterial infection. Bacteria normally live on your skin, but irritation or a small injury in the eye can let the bacteria into areas where they do not usually reside, causing an infection. Eye infections often cause redness, irritation, tearing and itchiness. Plus, black eye, pink eye and allergies all can result in eye infections. You must be careful in your daily life to protect eye health.

  • You also can try them at the drug store which have different types of reading glasses.Some are very cute.Just shop around.

  • Since you find the symptom of only one eye's crying now and then, you should check out whether there is the problem for your tears glands system. It is really weird which you need to pay high attention to. Your eyes may get infection which may cause it. You need to have the good rest for the eyes and eat more food with vitamin C to moisture the eyes to make them feel comfortable.

  • Hi, What happened to your business listing of on allvapestores

  • Most snow goggles have varied color lenses for different conditions while most dirt bike goggles are clear. Also the ventilation on snow goggles are different to prevent them from fogging up in snow. However, Dirtbike goggles are usually thicker to prevent rocks and junk going through them.

  • Surely you can.You can search clear glasses or plato glasses(non prescription glasses) on google and there are many online stores selling them.

  • Yes, this is normal. The immune system of your body sometimes is hyper sensitive to some normally harmless substance, resulting in allergy. In other words, your white cells wrongly recognize allergen as harmful substance and defend you by reactions like redness, eczema, runny nose, asthma and so on. You are not supposed to get all these symptoms at the same time, but you must experience some of them. Swollen eyelids are the symptom of eczema resulting from overreaction of your skin white cells.

  • Most extended wear lenses today are made of silicone hydrogel lens materials that allow significantly more oxygen to reach the front surface of the eye, compared with earlier soft lens materials.In the morning your eyesight will be improved, but by the end of the day or two days your eyesight will return back to normal . And if you stop wearing them your vision obviously won't improve. Anyway I will not suggest you wear them at night .

  • Well, yes, food allergies can lead to swelling eyes. Generally speaking, food allergies happen everywhere and it can be dangerous. And if you have suffered food allergies, your body will be affected. You should know that it can lead to red eyes, watery eyes, even puffy eyes. At that moment, we can say that it can disorder your eyes, and in some cases, it can lead to swelling eyes. So it can just make your eyes look puffy. Anyway, it can be annoying. Besides, food allergies can cause many signs and symptoms, which could be triggered by ingestion, inhalation. If the symptom is too serious, you should go and see a doctor as soon as possible.