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505 Sw Millview Way Ste 10 Ste 100
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  • Hello, first bifocal glasses are prescription lenses to change the eye's focus. But they are still not perfect. For example, usually they can fit well, but sometimes they will slip out of position so that the focus changes being created are out of position also, which can affect your vision. What's more, some problems can also be caused by bifocal glasses, such as headaches, visual dizziness and image jump.

  • This question has a complicated answer. Most Lenscrafters optometrists are independent and set their own pricing. So you should contact the office you'd like to visit and ask for their pricing and policies prior to scheduling. You can expect to pay anywhere from $40 - $350 for your exam depending on the office, the services performed, and your vision needs. For example, at our office a comprehensive health examination is $105, a refraction is $45, a digital retinal photo is $39, and if you want contacts your contact lens fitting could range from $60 to $150 (more complicated visual needs take more chair time and follow up visits and so cost more). Of course you can choose which services you would like to receive and we offer discounts for private pay patients, AAA, AARP, veterans, teachers, etc. Other offices will have different pricing for those services and may recommend additional testing, such as an in depth visual field analysis, OCT, or corneal topography. The best plan is to contact the office you're intending to visit prior to scheduling. One last thing, if you're looking to save money, DO NOT VISIT LENSCRAFTERS. We're one of the highest priced, retail chains when it comes to exams and eye glasses. However there is a good reason for this. At Lenscrafters you're going to get a much higher quality product after a much more thorough exam using the latest technology than the other retail chains. Visit to learn more.

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