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Category: Optical Stores, Eye Doctor

10101 Se Main St Ste 3001
Portland, OR

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  • Present is no such object as a free lunch. Specific online supplies declare their characters to provide away free eyeglasses, however you have to pay for the conveyance expense. A few ways you can have an effort. Try to find free glasses going on assignment help - and you will find many stores are without generous glasses.

  • Your sister is right. We should have one or more servings of fish per week. If we do that, we are less likely to develop macular degeneration related to age than those who have less. We can benefit from eating dark-meat fish such as think sardines, salmon, swordfish, bluefish and mackerel. Canned tuna is also a good choice.

  • In general, the people who suffer from night blindness has the difficulty for the eyes to adjust to dim light. In low levels of illumination, affected individuals are unable to distinguish images clearly. As a matter of fact, although people have night blindness have poor vision in the darkness, they can see clearly in adequate light. Generally speakingt, The factors that lead to night blindness can be divided into two categories: one kind is treatable and the other is nontreatable. As for treatable causes, the list are followed. 1: Cataracts may be the leading reason. 2:Nearsightedness can also lead to night blindness 3:Vitamin A deficiency is another important reason, and you can improve your condition through balanced diet. 4: Actually taking certain drugs may cause night blindness because of side effects. As for nontreatable causes, we all know that if you are inherited from parents or you get it since your birth, it may be nontreatable.

  • Replica sunglasses are a great alternative to the more expensive designer sunglasses. Designer inspired sunglasses offer the same great style as the original and they are usually just a fraction of the price. I think replica sunglasses are a great idea, that why you can buy lots of different sunglasses and experiment with different styles to see which style suits you the best.

  • Computer eyestrain is due to using the computer overtime or in the wrong way including bad lighting and other environmental factors. Most people who have the computer eyestrain do computer task for hours without a break. Please take a few minutes away from your computer. If you can’t leave your desk, close your eyes and do the eye exercise for relax. The work place is well lightened in order to read hardcopies without straining your eyes. The windows are at right angles to the screen and not behind or in front of the screen. Lighting is not overly bright. Make sure it is located at about the same distance from your eyes as the screen itself.

  • NO, there is no such polarized gradient sunglasses. All polarized sunglasses come with a solid color due to the special material.

  • Firstly, you should educate your children about some knowledge on eye care and make them be aware of the importance of eye health. Remember to tell them the harm of not wearing a prescription glasses if they're near sighted.Thus, they would attach great importance to their eyes. Secondly, you can give them some rewards if they are keeping wearing glasses and behaving well. Sometimes rewards of words or material will be useful.

  • When it refers to goggles, polycarbonate and trivex plastic come in to my mind because they have the feature of impact resistant.

  • Of course, you won't get an comfortable wearing if you put the contact lenses inside out. Or maybe the contact lenses will slip up from your eyes, too. But it won't effect your vision if you the contact lenses still on you eyes. Anyway, you shall keep good habit of wearing contact lenses for a comfortable vision. So, if you know you have put your lenses inside out, you shall replace it again to wear the contact lenses right. Thanks.

  • Yes, the diabetes may cause the high blood pressure which will indirectly cause the high eyes pressure. The unstable eye pressures may cause the double vision. You'd better go to see the doctor and keep the blood pressure in the normal state. Or else, the double vision will let you feel discomfortable.