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BJ’s Optical

(610) 266-0936

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1785 Airport Dr
Allentown, PA 18109

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  • For safe reason,you should wait as long as possible. Perhaps one month after the recovery.You can ask your doctor before wearing makeup.

  • Maybe your double vision is caused by eye strain. If you overuse your eyes for a long time, your eyes will get tired and then cause your double vision. It may be caused by some other reasons, so you should go to see an doctor and find out the exact reason.

  • Ok, from what you said, I can see that you are quite eager to get a pair of nice sunglasses for the incoming year of 2013. It is true that there are lots of great popular sunglasses. But what seems to be striking for the new year is called wayfarer sunglasses, which have been quite pervasive in America, and some brands do provide lots of those wayfarer sunglasses, such as Ray Ban, you could see lots of good options at some optical stores, such as Walmart.

  • Well, of course not. I do not think eye color will influence your intelligence. So you do not need to worry about it. In other words, we can say that eye color does not have any relation with one's intelligence. And in common, one's intelligence is related with the knowledge he have got and what he was born with. And for eye color, it can be very certain, for people are born with different certain eye color. And eye color will not affect our thinking ways, and also thoughts. So anyway, there is nothing to do with intelligence. So you do not need to think about it.

  • Never mind, you just need to fill in the prescription and tell the service person when you purchase eyewear. If you purchase your eyewear online, you need to leave the information in "additional information" box.

  • With age most of us experience a loss of flexibility in the lenses of our eyes which makes it harder to focus up close for things like reading. I still have 20/10 (L) and 20/13 (R) vision (20/20 is considered normal or average). This is considered very good eyesight and has nothing to do with near or farsightedness. Yet each year I have to get a stronger pair of reading glasses. I've heard there are artificial replacements but they are pricey and NO ONE is taking a scalpel to my eyes! I'm hoping to get some bi or tri focal glasses I can wear all the time and not have to keep track of so many pair.

  • Yes, you can get dry eyes when you have the rheumatoid arthritis. Rheumatoid arthritis is a kind of common acute or chronic connective tissue inflammation which may break out repeatedly. It may cause the heart problems. The clinical joints and muscles migrating sour will feel the pain. They are the characteristics of allergic disease. The rheumatic arthritis is more caused by the acute fever and joint pain onset. It may make the whole body lose water. You could have the dry eyes because of the whole body fever. You could use some eye drops with anti-inflammation role to get rid of the bacterium. Thus, your eyes will be moisture. You could also drink more hot water to keep warm of the body and keep the blood circulation work fast.

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  • If your eyes are turning outward, you should have the surgery as early as possible. The best time to have strabismus surgery is between 4 to 6. You can consult your doctor.

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