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Anderson Clayton M Optometrist

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  • If you have strong myopia, your vision can't be cured without surgery. Glasses are only used to maintain the eyesight and prevent it becoming even worse. However, your son is too young to have surgery. He need to wear glasses to help see better now.

  • Well, there indeed are some effective ways to improve night vision. I also need to drive in night sometimes, so this is a problem that I concerned very much too. There are two kinds of cells in eyes, rod and cone. Cone cells are good at color detection while rod cells are good at catching movement and they are better in dim light. So to improve the night vision, we need to use our peripheral vision, by glancing sideways instead of staring. Practice makes perfect. After again and again practices, we might found our night vision improved. Have our eyes prepared for dark light could help improve night vision too. Before entering the dark circumstances, close eyes or squint or put your hands on eyes to help them get used to the dim light. The rod could get active and make your vision in dark better. There are some other points you need to note, smoking decreases night vision. Take some vitamin A supplement and some other vitamins and mineral which are benefitial to eye health and vision, for example carrots, carrot juice and some nutrition like lutein, ginkgo biloba, bilberry, zeaxanthin and etc. while driving in night, if you feel bad night vision, you could have a piece of sugar which could take effect soon because night vision is dependent on blood sugar level actually.

  • A lot of baseball players wear sunglasses upside down to make them look cool. They could protect their eyes from the uv rays in the strong sun lights. They could also see clearly through the special coating of the sunglasses in the games. That is to say, the sunglasses will make them play better in games.

  • Since your eyes are itchy and red, you probably have eye infections of inflammation. The possible inflammations are Blepharitis, conjunctivitis, corneal ulcers (ulcers on the outer cover of the eyes) and uveitis. If you have Blepharitis, your eyelash will swell along the eyelid. Conjunctivitis is usually known as "pink eye" and it is an infection of the tissue connecting the eyelids and conjunctiva. Corneal ulcer is caused by bacterial or viral infection on the outer cover of the eye. Uveitis causes a swelling uvea due to autoimmune disorder, infection or toxins. When you have this uncomfortable feeling, you should consult a doctor as soon as possible to get timely treatment.

  • Hey, guy! You can wear goggles when you want to swim. I have the same problems with you. The goggles can help prevent wetting our eyes. I think it is the glasses that are designed for swimmers. You can borrow a pair of goggles from the manager or you can just buy a pair of goggles for fear that the goggles will infect your eyes if they are used by a pink eye patient.

  • I paid the $129.00 for my new glasses at Costco, that includes the new digital poly-carbonate progressive lenses with their standard AR, (which I was told compares to a mid range Crizal product). Didn't pay for an upgrade on AR or lenses materials, and extra coatings like hydrophobic, EMR/scotch guard/teflon (you know) were either not available or not offered to me. It concerned me that they did not have a company or brand name of the lens manufacturer or AR. I like to investigate before buying. My previous pair was purchased at Binyon's, progressives upgraded to Trivex or Varilux, not sure now and paid extra for their AR: ClearShield used to have Eagle Vsion 4.0 which I liked better, but they were fine. All said and done I paid the same for 2 pair of progressive glasses at Costco as I did at Binyons for one pair, even with a 50% coupon. The frames alone are twice the price! But Costco's selection is not as vast. Hope this help for you.

  • Generally speaking, after the surgery, you are not supposed to wear makeup for the first two week. If you wear makeup which are made of chemicals, it can definitely make your eyes infected and also can lead to some eye diseases, because your eyes are very sensitive and fragile. Besides, after the surgery, you also need to pay more attention to something. For example, it can lead to eye strain, if you overuse your eyes to watch TV or computer. So just avoid them in the first 1week. And, you should avoid eye injuries by wearing a protective shield at night and with naps until you are advised by your doctor. Also, you should remember not sleep on the side of the operated eye for the first night.

  • I don't think red star sunglasses are only used for kids. Most young women can also wear red star sunglasses as long as they look good on you. Red star sunglasses are very specially designed, so people can notice you immediately they see you. If you want to draw others' attention, red star sunglasses can meet your needs exactly. They are eye-catching to make you outstanding among people around you. Before you get them, you should try them on first and see whether they are suitable for you.


  • Cataract surgery is a minor ophthalmic surgery. Generally vision can be improved after two days later. Based on the patient's specific eye and body recovery, the vision will restore in 5-7days. However it will last longer due to higher inflammation after surgery for the individual patients. After 3 months, the Crystalline lens will be stable. So if you want to travel, it is better to travel after 3 months later or longer.