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    1.Dr. Gene Lund

    3722 Easton Nazareth Hwy
    Easton,PA 18045

    Dr. Gene Lund is a 0-star Optical Store0 Reviews

    Optical stores in Easton offer most discounted inexpensive prescription eyeglasses, prescription sunglasses, both in single vision (SV) and bifocal or progressive lenses. Most optical shops in the Easton have an adjacent independent optometrist's office for the convenience of the customers. Opticians in the stores will help determine your pupillary distance (PD) and fit glasses, sunglasses, contact lenses and other eyewear based on the prescriptions written by optometrists and eye doctors. Other staff members may guide you through the selection and try-on of glass frames to finalize your purchase...
  • 2.Dr Anthony Callan

    65 N 3rd St
    Easton, PA 18042-3642

    Dr Anthony Callan is a 0-star Optical Store0 Reviews

  • 3.Callan Family Eye Care

    65 N 3rd St
    Easton, PA 18042-3642

    Callan Family Eye Care is a 0-star Optical Store0 Reviews

  • 4.James Cochran Md

    2151 Fairview Ave
    Easton, PA 18042-3858

    James Cochran Md is a 0-star Optical Store0 Reviews

  • 5.Palmer Optical

    2925 William Penn
    Easton, PA

    Palmer Optical is a 0-star Optical Store0 Reviews

  • 6.Pearle Vision

    147 Palmer Park Mall
    Easton,PA 18045

    Pearle Vision is a 0-star Optical Store0 Reviews

  • 7.Brian M Willard Md Pc

    3729 Easton Nazareth Hwy
    Easton, PA

    Brian M Willard Md Pc is a 0-star Optical Store0 Reviews

  • 8.Visionnaires

    3770 Dryland Way Suite D600
    Easton PA 18045

    Visionnaires is a 0-star Optical Store0 Reviews

  • 9.John Boscia Od

    2020 Sullivan Trail
    Easton, PA 18040

    John Boscia Od is a 0-star Optical Store0 Reviews

  • 10.Anthony Callan Od

    65 N 3rd St
    Easton, PA 18042-3642

    Anthony Callan Od is a 0-star Optical Store0 Reviews

  • Best of Easton Eye Doctors

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    1.Dietterick Gary L OD

    21 Corporate Dr
    Easton, PA 18045

    Dietterick Gary L OD is a 0-star Eye Doctor0 Reviews

    In the Easton, optometrists can be found in the vicinity of a chain optical retail store, or in an independent optometrist's office. Optometrists are trained to address both vision refractive errors and eye health. Many optometrists sell high-end eyeglasses and contact lenses in their practices with the most professional possible services in addition to performing eye exams and writing prescriptions. Ophthalmologists are medical doctors (MD) in the eye care and vision health who perform eye exams, write prescription for eyeglasses, sunglasses and contact lenses, diagnose and treat eye diseases and carry out eye surgery. Ophthalmologist's responsibility is much beyond that of optometrist.
  • 2.Willard Donald E MD

    1901 Hay Ter Ste 1
    Easton, PA 18042

    Willard Donald E MD is a 0-star Eye Doctor0 Reviews

  • 3.Cochran James F MD

    2151 Fairview Ave
    Easton, PA 18042

    Cochran James F MD is a 0-star Eye Doctor0 Reviews

  • 4.Americas Best Contacts and Eyeglasses

    769 S 25th St
    Easton, PA 18045

    Americas Best Contacts and Eyeglasses is a 0-star Eye Doctor0 Reviews

  • 5.Kundart James Dr

    2800 Nazareth Rd
    Easton, PA 18045

    Kundart James Dr is a 0-star Eye Doctor0 Reviews

  • 6.McBride Jas G MD

    2061 Fairview Ave
    Easton, PA 18042

    McBride Jas G MD is a 0-star Eye Doctor0 Reviews

  • 7.Lund Gene Optmtrst

    3722 Easton Nazareth Hwy
    Easton, PA 18045

    Lund Gene Optmtrst is a 0-star Eye Doctor0 Reviews

  • 8.Callan Anthony J

    65 N 3rd St
    Easton, PA 18042

    Callan Anthony J is a 0-star Eye Doctor0 Reviews

  • 9.Strongwater Hildy OD

    441 Northampton St
    Easton, PA 18042

    Strongwater Hildy OD is a 0-star Eye Doctor0 Reviews

  • 10.Willard Brian M MD

    3729 Easton Nazareth Hwy
    Easton, PA 18045

    Willard Brian M MD is a 0-star Eye Doctor0 Reviews

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  • Nazareth Eye Assoc

    Nazareth Eye Assoc is 0-star0 Reviews

    3649 Ranee St
    Easton, PA 18045-3036

  • Kelly Lindsey C OD

    Kelly Lindsey C OD is 0-star0 Reviews

    3735 Easton Nazareth Hwy
    Easton, PA 18045

  • Lund Gene Optometrist

    Lund Gene Optometrist is 0-star0 Reviews

    3722 Easton Nazareth Hwy
    Easton,PA 18045

  • Kundart James Dr

    Kundart James Dr is 0-star0 Reviews

    2800 Nazareth Rd
    Easton, PA 18045

  • McBride Jas G MD

    McBride Jas G MD is 0-star0 Reviews

    2061 Fairview Ave
    Easton, PA 18042

  • Miller Svetlana OD

    Miller Svetlana OD is 0-star0 Reviews

    752 S 25th St
    Easton,PA 18042

  • Palmer Family Eye

    Palmer Family Eye is 0-star0 Reviews

    21 Corporate Dr
    Easton, PA 18045

  • Palmer Family Eye Care

    Palmer Family Eye Care is 0-star0 Reviews

    21 Corporate Drive
    Easton, PA 18045-2664

  • Maurice Strongwater Od

    Maurice Strongwater Od is 0-star0 Reviews

    441 Northampton St
    Easton, PA 18042-3515

  • Lund Gene Optmtrst

    Lund Gene Optmtrst is 0-star0 Reviews

    3722 Easton Nazareth Hwy
    Easton, PA 18045

  • Firmoo Answers

  • Bad reading habits are the most important factors to lead to poor vision in children. And staring digital screens in a long time everyday also let myopia occur because of the UV lights they produced. In addition, unbalanced dietary causes bad eye conditions. For example, vitamin A deficency will contribute to night blindness and vitamin B1 deficiency can arise lazy eye. Plus, dim light or extreme strong light are both bad for kids' vision.

  • Age-related cataracts usually tend to be yellow in color. There are different grading system for cataracts from mild yellow to severe yellow. Some doctor would ask patients to have surgery until cataracts get "ripe" which is severe yellow.

  • The yellow eyes are not a sign that you have an eye infection because there are so many reasons to have yellow in your eyes. However, if you have got a heat inside or your eyes have high stress; your eyes are also yellow. That means you need have a good rest. And do not have a large number of fruits or vegetables with natural pigment either, like carrots, pumpkins and citrus. Meantime, i would like to suggest you to wash your hands well and do not rub the eyes often.

  • We all know that amazon is reputable online shop where you can buy everything at a reasonable price. Of course you can buy reading glasses on amazon. Because it provides various kinds of stylish reading glasses, and they are of high quality and excellent after sale service. Buying reading glasses on amazon can benefit you a lot as it grants you a lot of advantages, such as time saving, money saving, high quality products and guarantee of use longevity. Besides many reading glasses on amazon are dirt cheap and they have good styles. It is very convenient to purchase a pair of reading glasses online.You can choose whichever you adore and wait for the products sent to your home or office directly.

  • The sides of the spectacles should be adjusted to the shape of the face so that no pressure can be felt on the temples. Often, such pressing at the temples is misunderstood to mean that the spectacles are sitting properly. Optimally fitted sides should only cause a slight pressure behind the ear to keep the weight of the spectacles from bearing down on the nose. However, if the spectacles are too tight, the sides "wander" up the sides of the head and the spectacle frames slide down the nose.By the way, in certain situations the sides of plastic spectacle frames can deform slightly due to changes in temperature caused by the weather. If this causes discomfort, your optician can get the spectacles back to their original shape easily.

  • Wearing the colored contact lenses may help you increase a lot of charm by showing the big watery eyes. From the visual aspect, the dark blue color contact lenses will make you look romantic, especially suitable for the Asians. And you can see a lot of stars wearing the dark blue contact lenses on the magazine. What's more, this color will not be too exaggerated.

  • Garlic, as well as onion and shallot, belongs to allium in botany. All allium plants contain a chemical substance called allinase. Garlic contains 20% of volatile grease whose main element is allinase. The allinase is not volatile itself. Only when garlic is suffering mechanical damage such as being crushed, it will give off the allinase of spicy smell. Allinase will turn into sulfenic acid in air and sulfenic acid will reorganize as syn-propanethial-S-Oxide (SPSO). It is SPSO that arouses watery eyes. Cornea, with a lot of nerve fibers on it, is the first layer of protection of human eyes. When SPSO in air reaches cornea, it will give stimulation to nerve fiber and nerve fiber will send the stimulation to brain. Brain reads the stimulation as burning pain and give out a signal to rinse it off to tear gland. Tear gland begins to secrete tear and eye become watery.

  • Yea, pink eye can be infectious during the incubation period, it is highly contagious. You know, pink eye is spread through contact with the eye drainage, which contains the virus or bacteria that caused the pink eye. Therefore, you should not share towels, linens, pillows, handkerchiefs, eye makeup, eye medicines, contact lens equipments, containers and contact lenses solutions with others. And you should keep issues mentioned above clean, especially linens, towels, handkerchiefs and washcloths. Wash and change them often. Wash your hands frequently, especially when you are in public places and keep a hand disinfectant at hand to use it often. Avoid rubbing your eyes with hands. Confronted with wind, sand storm, heat and chemicals, you need to wear eye protection such as safety glasses to prevent eye irritation. When you go swimming, you had better wear swim goggles to protect yourself from bacteria and other microorganisms in the water in case of conjunctivitis.

  • In fact, a lazy eye can be improved by wearing eye patch. You shall have your child put a patch over the good eye so as to force the brain to see with the weaker eye. To help the him, you shall have your child wear patch at lest two hours every day. Personally, you can advise him wear eye patch all the time. It is said that a child of five- to seven-years old can fix their lazy eyes by wearing patch. So, just do it!

  • Generally speaking, you should avoid strenuous activity within 3-6 months after cataract surgery. Even the eye exercises and eyeball massage action after the operation is better not carried out. The more details include: 1. a week after operation of any larger amounts of physical activity are prohibited except slow walk. 2. one month after surgery you had better rest as much as possible, dirty water or soap should be avoided spilling in the eye, so as to avoid infection. 3. do not put any pressure on eyes ( including rubbing eyes, blinking, and so on ), and prevent the injuries of eyes. And if you want to do some sports, seek the views of the eye doctor first.