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  • I am a coaster enthusiast who wears glasses all of the time, and without them I would be helpless. Just buy yourself a adjustable strap that fit onto your glasses and you will be fine. They have worked for me for years. You can find them at any supermarket.

  • Ice and cold packs can reduce the pain, swelling, and bleeding of an injury. Ice treatment are most commonly used for acute injuries, but can be used to treat chronic conditions as well. Because the swelling and inflammation that follows an injury is due to the leakage of blood from the ruptured capillaries, cold application with ice can help by causing the blood vessels to constrict. This constriction of the blood vessels prevents further leakage of blood and serum and minimizes swelling and pain. Cold therapy is also helpful in treating some chronic pain. A person who has chronic elbow pain that increases after playing tennis may want to ice the injured area after each tennis session to reduce or prevent inflammation.

  • It seems that to do Bikram Yoga with contact lens is OK as it is not fierce. But it's not true. It is not OK to do Bikram Yoga with contacts. Bikram yoga is taken under the room temperature of 38℃-40℃, which is higher than average temperature and human's normal body temperature. Under that condition, the body will evaporate some water and the eyes will be comparatively dry, so that wearing contact lenses will no be comfortable. On the other hand, contacts lenses are directly touching cornea and relevant to optic nerve. When doing yoga, there are some moves that you have to stand upside down. At the time of doing these moves, the blood will flow to you face and have effect on optic nerves. In case of wearing contacts, the blood will be pressed by lenses and the pressure will be transit to the nerve. That will be harmful. Staring is also one of the moves of yoga. When you wear contacts, it will impact you staring and focusing. So that, don't wear contacts while do Bikram Yoga.

  • If both the biological parents wear glasses, your children are likely to need them as well.but it really would depend,it really depends on the genes that mix if you have children but no one can be certain. My mom has terrible vision, but my sister has ok vision.i would recommend you going to your doctor and asking him or she. I hope I have helped.

  • It is fine to take shower after your LASIK procedure, but you still need to be careful to avoid water coming into your eye. It is better to close your eyes during the shower.

  • For people with diabetes, they should be quite watchful for warning signs, such as Blurry, cloudy, or double vision,Flashing lights or rings around lights,Blank spots, dark spots, or floating spots in their vision, Pain, pressure, or persistent redness in their eyes. If there are any symptom, see the doctor right away.

  • Visual snow usually refers to the symptoms that when people are watching things, they could see thickly dotted spots, especially at the time of watching the skies at night, or the dark places after the light is turned off. The reasons that cause the visual snow are still under discussion, whlie there are many highly suspectable causes such as abnormity in the eyeballs, migraine, irritated optic center or visual pathway, taking ecstasy, taking antibiotic, antimelancholic, cordial and so on. How long exactly the visual snow could last also depends on many factors, such as individual immunity, personal health condition, and so on. Visual snow can be as temporary as just for several days, as well as long-lasting. If people get visual snow, they should first go to the ophthalmology to make sure there is no abnormity on the fundus. If the fundus is fine, then there might not be serious conditions, and the visual snow will not affect the eyesight. Clonazepam can be a preferred medicine for people to get rid of visual snow. In addition, do not be restless with anxiety if you get visual snow, instead, you should calm down and keep in a good mood, which can be great helpful in treating visual snow.

  • A lot of Vitamin B1 is needed when sugar is metabolizing in your body.When one takes in too much sugar,the Vitamin B1 will be in shortage which may contribute to the myopia.Anyway,it is not good to eat much sugar. It also does no good to your teeth.

  • Well, your friend was right. It's really very unsafe when you are boxing. However, wearing contact lenses during boxing is much better than wearing glasses. That's because you can avoid being hurt by broken glasses which was hit into pieces by your opponents. By the way, keep your clean, don't let any sweat enter your eye when you are wearing contact lenses.