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835 Paoli Pike
West Chester, PA 19380-4550

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General Impression:

I have been a long time patient of Dr. Davis and Marge and I am very please with the services i recieve. I have great faith in the exam always and feel confidient in the selection and quaility of the glasses I get every time. Marge is a very excellent in helping pick my glasses and i recieve compliments on my glasses every year. She has a strong personality,ays exactly whats on her mind, which gives me the comfort knowing I won't be told after the fact i have made an incorrect decision I recommend the office with the utmost comfidience. You will Be very please!

04/15/2014 BY Cheryl

General Impression:

I too have been going to Dr. Davis for over 20 years and have always been pleased with her services. However, I have always had problems with Marge, very similar to the previously mentioned issues. She has refused to give me my prescription using every excuse in the book why she can not do so. When another doctor called for the prescription in order to fill an eyewear order, she intentionally sent them an incorrect prescription. I have insurance that covers an exam every 2 years and $100 to put towards eyewear, and every time I'm in, Marge tries to tell me I do not have insurance coverage and I must pay her with cash or a credit card for the entire amount of the services charged. When I contact my insurance company I am told otherwise and have to fight Marge to process my visit through insurance. And, she has talks badly about patients to the other patients in the waiting room. I found this appalling even though I was the one she was speaking to and not about. Terrible business! I have considered for many years switching doctors because of all the years of difficulties and frustrations with Marge, but have not done so because I have such a comfort level with Dr. Davis. However, it is now time for my appointment and not only do I not have the fight left in me to battle with Marge yet again, but I now feel that others having experienced same or similar issues, proves things will not change. I will be switching doctors now. This is unfortunate for Dr. Davis, but Marge is NOT an asset to her office.

05/21/2013 BY Long Time Patient

General Impression:

I have been a patient of Dr. Davis for almost 20 years. Dr. Davis's services, as well as Marge Jackson, are excellent. I was a pilot in the United States Air Force and Dr. Davis's examination's are more complete and professional then my annual flight eye examination.

The below reviews are obviously written my the same person and equally obvious from some type of "malcontent."

05/15/2012 BY John White

General Impression:

Upon walking in, the office smells of mildew. The check up was questionable because I had Lasik she said I needed glasses and after a second opinion this was not true. Marge, the optician, was extremely cocky, rude, and downright nasty, she disrespected my polite son in front of me because he was in a rush and had limited time to spend with her because of homework. He had a certain type of frame in mind they did not carry or anything similar and he would not listen to her nonsense over glasses which clearly irked her coming from a teen, so, she threatened she would call the PA DMV if he didn't pick glasses, so we left. My son & I did not order glasses. Weeks later I received a message something was in and ready for pick up, so, I never went back and I called a lawyer for help. It's sad when a doctor doesn't value a customer and let's the optician run her office. Marge should not be allowed to work with the public or any kind of customer service. BAD Optician...DON'T WASTE YOUR TIME AND MONEY. No stars deserved.

03/16/2012 BY MJ

General Impression:

I have been going to Dr. Davis for a little over a year now but have decided to leave her office after the following event occurred. I had my eye exam completed and went in to look at glasses. Once I picked a pair that I was interested in, I asked Marge, the optician, for a price estimate on the glasses. At this time, she conveyed to me that she was too busy to call my provider (while a family member of mine saw her playing Solitaire on her computer) and insisted on calling me with the estimate on my cell phone. A week passed, I never received a call or voicemail, and later realized that she left a voicemail on my home phone, which she said she could not do due to HIPAA privacy issues. She then continued to make my glasses without my permission WHATSOEVER. I confronted the office about it and they had a “leave us alone, we do not care” attitude even after I told them I will let people know what they have done. The optometrist, Dr. Davis, finally returned my phone call, but did not make any effort to make the situation better and satisfy her customer. Not only did this happen, but they refused to release my records to me which is completely ILLEGAL. This matter was not resolved, and the only reason this was not taken to court is because I am not going to be in the area in the near future. I do not recommend this eye doctor to ANYONE. Rude, unprofessional, and money hungry.

01/11/2012 BY Lisa

  • Firmoo Answers
  • Droopy eyelid refers to the abnormally low position of upper eyelid, which is known as ptosis or lazy eye. Usually droopy eyelid is caused by three possibilities. One possiblity is that people might get ptosis through hereditary. It is so called congenital cause. Another very common cause for ptosis is aging. As we aging, our skin and muscles are getting deteriorate and sagging for collagen and elacity loss. This is very common and evitable. Lastly, it might be caused by abnormal development of levator muscle which is mainly used to elevate the upper eyelids. This abnormality might be resulted from some eye surgery, eye tumor, neurological disorders or some systematic disease like diabetes. From introduction above, you can see eye dryness won't cause droopy eyelids. So far, the best treatment for droopy eyelids is surgery. For congenital or aging causes, there seems no effective way to prevent it. As to the abnormality of the elevator muscle, it is complicated. I think it is better for you to discuss with your oculist. Find out the underlying root and then you can find proper prevention and treatment.

  • Yes, it's fine to do that. And you can use warm water as well. For most people, it's common for them to wash eyes and lids twice a day, there's nothing wrong with using cold water. It disrupts the natural tear film and makes your eyes dry. However, in general, using warm water is better because it has more energy and the molecules in hot water are moving faster than that in cold water.

  • It does feel uncomfortable when you first wear hard contacts. You can try to increase the wearing time like 15 or 30 mimutes or day by day, but don't make big jumps, then you should wear them longer.

  • If you have the corneal scar, you need to ask the doctor whether you could accept the lasik surgery by asking whether the position will affect the surgery. Usually there are a lot of exams before you do the lasik surgery. You just need to follow the doctor's requirements. You should protect the eyes carefully which are the important parts of the whole body.

  • Eye mucus can also be understand as eye discharges. And the eye discharges often formal in the corneal of the eyes. And usually, the eye discharge is harmless. However, the eye discharge can be a sign of some serious eye problems. As far as i know, eye infection, and some eye diseases can cause eye discharges. If so, you shall treat it immediate. So, consult an eye doctor.

  • You are so luck to have hazel eyes. They are really charming and attracting. How i wish i could have it. Anyway, you can try purples/plums with a hint of green or a hint of pink if you like to wear eye makeup. I have a friend with hazel eyes. She often makeup in this way. Most of our colleague said she is so attracting. You can have a try.

  • Darren Criss looks so cute and hot with pink sunglasses. His fans that are crazy about him want to share that chic look with him and start looking for Darren Criss pink sunglasses. In fact, pink sunglasses are still in style this season. Wearing Darren Criss style pink sunglasses can help you make a bold fashion statement. Do you want to have a try?

  • Diplopia is the so called double vision. You don't have the problem before the squint surgery, and it can be a temporary symptom after this surgery. It is a common side effect from squint surgery. There are six muscles which control the movement of eyeball. Squint surgery would adjust the balance of these muscles to align the two eyes. If the double vision tends to persist, then you need to consult your surgeon. As many part of the vision system need to cooperate together to get a good vision, the possible causes of diplopia include cornea problems, lens problems, muscles problems, nerve problems and brain problems. Since your double vision occurs after the squint surgery which adjusted your eye muscles, I assume that it is caused by muscles problems probably. As to diplopia caused by muscles problems, I am afraid you need a surgery to correct it. If it can't be reversed, then the doctor still have some way out for you. A kind of special prism glasses or a patching can help reduce the effect of diplopia.

  • Of course, there is a way to make your eyes look like cats' eyes. There are so many color contact lenses nowadays. According to me, green and purple contact lenses can meet your requirement. Wearing green contact lenses could make your eyes look like cats' eyes and purple contact lenses make you look very mysterious, the same feeling about cats. Have a try and you will love it! Plus, grey color seems fantastic too!