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Category: Optical Stores, Eye Doctor

110 Westtown Rd Ste 120
West Chester, PA 19382-4978

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  • The pre-made reading glasses usually start at +1.00. You may find +0.5 on ebay but it is quite difficult. You may need to have your eyes checked and get your prescription and then have them made at an optical center.

  • Generally no, you couldn't, except the ones made for the contact lenses. The different elements of eye drops could be absorbed and accumulated on the surface of the lenses. The local high concentration of drugs is harmful to the eye tissues. On the other hand, it will change the texture of lenses, hard and turbid. As to those eye drops with colors, it should definitely not be used, because the lenses could very probably be stained by the colored compositions.

  • Yes,you can.But I don't think the sunglasses in Warlmart would be in good quality.You can also find them in other optical stores.

  • If you want to know which kind of sunglasses is better, I'd like to tell you that all of them have their own advantages and disadvantages. But compared with regular common brand sunglasses, they are well-made and more elegant. But they are very expensive.

  • The anti-reflective coating is mostly a benefit for people on the outside of your glasses "looking in" as opposed to you "looking out". It reduces the reflections they see so your eyes show up better.I think anti-glare coating is worth it. I have it on my current glasses

  • Eyes are easy to be damaged when people are playing sports. For protecting the eyes from attack in sports, goggles appeared. Actually, except the protection from attack, there are also some other advantages. First, some kind of goggles can avoid too many ultra violet rays into your retina. Second, some special goggle can increase your contract levels which will help you have a better performance in the sports. Last, prescription goggles can help people who suffer eye disease to correct the vision. Thanks to goggle, people can enjoy the sports freely.

  • Well, yes, it is possible to have squinting eyes when you smile. When you smile, your eyes' muscle becomes stressed. In that way, you will get squinting eyes that cause wrinkles around the eyes and forehead. Also, people will suffer squinting eyes from excessive sunlight exposure.

  • Goggles enclose the protected area (they have a rubber/soft plastic seal that touches the face), while glasses just cover the eyes. Safety glasses usually have large lenses, like sunglasses, and are made of clear plastic. Safety goggles offer more complete protection against chemical splashes and projectiles.

  • Lasik improves your vision usually to 20/20 or better than perfect vision. However in some people your vision could go to 20/40 etc to wear you occasionally need to wear glasses still (like for driving or watch tv or reading something far away). I had lasiks and now my vision is 20/15 with both eyes open which is better than perfect. It was worth it. Eventually the eyes can get worse again but at TLC they will redo it for free if it regresses.