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505 Bitternut Rd
Columbia, SC 29209-4405

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  • Titanium glasses usually cost very high because the current cost for refining is too high and the production process of titannium is complex. As titanium has many advantages of lightweight, corrosion-resistant, high stability, high strength, good flexibility, many manufacturers choose this kind of material to make the glasses which are popular with many people.So the titanium glasses worth the money. "

  • Well, it seems that you are not very familiar with sunglasses. To be honest, by wearing sunglasses when we go out in a sunny day, we could better protect our eyes from some harmful lights. On the other hand, without sunglasses, our eyes will suffer from those lights and could not even do our work or travel. Of course it is bad for our eyes without sunglasses in a hot day. Anway, a pair of polarized sunglasses could be your perfect companion outside.

  • Wearing contact lenses are easy to cause eye irritation. Because your contact lenses and contact store may be out of date. And everyday you must take them into eyes and pull them out once or more with your dirty hands. Yeah, dirty hands. No matter hoe clean you wash your hands, bacteria and virtues are still here. And you may easily get potentially causing allergic reactions and respiratory problems. Eye irritation must be one of them. Eye irritation is most commonly due to allergic, eye pain, bacteria and virtues. While mold growth in a building is possible to gather bacteria and germs. And they spread by air. That is, you are so easy to breathe them into lungs and eyes.

  • Geek glasses are a new spin on an old style. Classic "nerd" style retro frames with thicker plastic rims and often boxy shapes have hit the fashion scene with a vengeance, and they're not nerdy anymore. Geek glasses are probably the most common style seen being worn by celebrities today. Geek glasses are chic, contemporary, and extremely stylish, and they can be pulled off by pretty much anybody. Geek chic glasses are appropriate for all ages and genders. Young women wear them with a "hipster" mismatched look while others wear them with a semi-casual, refined wardrobe. Geek chic glasses come in all shapes, sizes, and colors to match your face shape, hair color, and personal preference.

  • It depends on what causes your photophobia. For example, some people may get photophobia while taking medication. As soon as you stop the medication, the condition will go away. There are many conditions can cause light sensitivity. Such as eye infection, headache and migraine. Eyes diseases are the most common cause of photophobia. So first you need to determine the cause then seek treatment. Try to find out the triggering factors and then remove them. You can also wear sunglasses and special contact lenses to ease the discomfort.

  • The black glasses that neal caffrey wears are so good and attractive. If you want to buy the similar type, you could go to the online store to have a search. There must be a lot of such kind of glasses. You could base on your economic condition and need to choose the suitable one. You could go to the ebay to find the suitable one.

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  • It seems very probably to get eye pain because of the high eye pressure. As a matter of face, the high eye pressure is caused by an imbalance between the production and drainage of fluid in the eye. When the channels that are used to drain the fluid are blocked, more fluid is keeping in the eye owing to the failure of draining. Hence, there is a increased amount of fluid inside the eye that cause the high eye pressure. It could give rise to not only eye pain but also acute pain, red and swollen eyes, headache even a blindness. The only way to drastically cure it is receive a professional treatment. But at the same time, as a auxiliary method, you might as well try some yoga. Hope these can help.

  • aviator sunglasses are in fashion all the time. Most aviator sunglasses for women have thinner metal frames and large lenses and women over 30s love this kind of aviator sunglasses with large lenses because they can definitely protect their eyes from the the sun, as well as allow them to make their own bold statement. So these aviator sunglasses can show their personalities well. For me, I think aviator sunglasses do look sexy on women over 30s.

  • It is caused by an imbalance betwen the production and drainage of fluid in the eye. When the channels that are used to drain the fluid are blocked, More fluid is keeping in the eye becasue it cannot be drained. So it's the increased amount of fluid inside the eye that cause the high eye pressure.