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  • Dear friend, don't worry. Some environmental irritants may cause itchy watery eyes. Check your eyes to see that are smog, chemicals, hot wind, blowing dust, bright lights or airborne allergens caused your itchy watery eyes. If it is, you needn't apply special treatment for the symptom will disappear on its own few hours later if you avoid touching these irritants. But if your symptoms persist, you may need to see an eye doctor immediately. Some blepharitis, abrasions or other infections may be the causes of your itchy watery eyes. They may need some medical treatment.

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  • You may get inflammation in your eyes and try to wash your eyes with saline water. It is better to see an doctor and get some prescripted eye drops.

  • Well, of course, you are not supposed to wear the color contact lenses in the first week after the surgery. Or it can be dangerous to your eyes. As we know that after the surgery, your eyes can be sensitive and fragile, some bacteria can invade in your eyes easily. If you wear the color contact lenses after the surgery, it will not only hurt the eyes, but also cause some eye infection in your eyes. Also, it can slow down the recovery. Anyway, you should not wear them in the first week.

  • Prisms do not change the focus of a lens, but shift an image laterally, vertically or diagonally as required, so that if your eyes will not line up, the images will.
    Suppose a right eye tended to look 5 degrees to the right of its partner. What the left eye saw as straight ahead, the right eye would see as 5 degrees to the left of straight ahead: double vision. (draw it on paper if it helps)
    a prism shifting the image 5 degrees would let the right eye agree with the left as to what "looked " straight ahead, *even though the eyes were not straighter than before.

    In practice the prisms do not usually have to be in front of the non-straight eye, as long as the total amount of prism is appropriate and, for appearance, often half the prism is placed in each eye, to produce the same total effect.

    If you still have some double vision or eyestrain, even with best prisms, consider and consult as to whether a back-up pair of glasses with one side frosted or blacked out might not be restful for occasional use. Experiment with a folded piece of paper to cover one eye if you like...

  • It is natural. First nose pain is followed watery eyes. Well, there is a nasal passage between nose and eyes, through which tears flow down. But when nose gets hit, some other fluid might block the path, so the tear can only flow out through eyes. Have you ever had that experience, when you apply eye drops, it might flow out your nose or even in your mouth. Because eyes, nose and mouth are connected by a common path, nasal passage.

  • Well, a lot of people have got the same problems with you. To be honest, the possible reasons for this are various and mysterious in a sense. However, you should get to know what led to your problems. Maybe it is due to the dry whether, maybe it is a cold, or red eyes. So my advice for you is to consult a doctor and get some professional treatment instead of wasting your time.

  • There are some different reasons that will cause eye pain when you blink eyes. I would like to suggest you to visit an eye doctor. If you have very serious eye pain, you'd better go to an emergency room for more rapid evaluation. According to your description, maybe your eyes are scratched on the cornea, or the pain is caused by conjunctivitis which can be caused by either viruses or bacteria etc. So, the best way is to see eye doctor so as to know what happen to your eyes.

  • As far as I know fuchs' dystrophy is a very complicated problem which would make you suffer a lot until you finally get rid of it. Of course it would be dangerous to put on contacts whatever infections we have on our eyes. So you'd better stop doing that from this point on and take care of your eyes by visiting doctors and take positive actions against your problem.

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