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Mixon, Brent Dr

Mixon, Brent Dr

(979) 849-7321

Category: Optical Stores

1713 E Mulberry St
Angleton,TX 77515

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* Comprehensive Eye Exams * Full Service Eye Wear * Contact Lenses * Dr. Teresa Peck - Therapeutic Optometrist * Dr. Brent Mixon - Therapeutic Optometrist - Optometric Glaucoma Specialist





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  • To be honest, I am with baby face, too, which bothers me for so many years. Just like you, I was puzzled with how to choose glasses or shades to shape me face and make it look better. Actually, I got some advice from friends and fashion designers, they recommended me to try some bigger frames, and oversized type is a good buy, which I have worn for 2 years and I love different frames with oversized lenses, cool and suitable for my baby face indeed. You can take a shot, good luck!

  • I never heard that sunglasses will lose UV protection over the time. People buy new sunglasses usually because of fashion and tired of wearing old sunglasses. Still some people buy new sunglasses because their old sunglasses broken. But i never met people buy sunglasses because their old sunglasses lose protection. So, you really needn't worry about the questions.

  • The average price of the robert marc sunglasses is about $ 160. However, they can cost as high as $300. It is based on your actual needs to choose the suitable one. They are good at both the design and the quality. It is cool at the design. And it is durable to wear.

  • Well, this just depends, but in most cases, eye twitching is just a symptom of fatigue which is reminding you that your eyes really need a good rest. Sometimes stress can also arise this. However, if your eye twitching keeps for a long time, then you need to go to see your eye doctor right away because this may be caused by your damaged nerves. That is why you need an overall exam. Don' t be freaking out first, just try to find the reasons first, okay?

  • It will be very dangerous for your eyes if you accidentally look at a laser beam especially in a direct way without any protection on your eyes when you are playing with the laser beams. This is because that the laser beams are made up of many powerful rays such as ultraviolet rays or infrared rays, thus containing great amount of energy, which will burn your eyes or do other harm to your eyes. If the condition is serious, you may go blind indeed. Therefore, you had better not play with the laser beams by yourself without any professional protection and instruction.

  • If you want to get nerd glasses in Phoenix, you can go to Sears Optical to have a look at 10101 N Wolfe Rd Cupertino, CA 95014. Here is the web site of this optical store and you can go to see whether they have the nerd glasses you like. Try this: What's more, I have got some reviews about this local optical store. One of them is as follows: I went here because of the buy two pairs of glasses for $89.00 each. I knew I had to pay more if I wanted to have thin lenses. I have a high index prescription and do not want all of lenses to be coke-bottle-bottoms. I found two frames and sat down with an employee right away. My eyes were measured and my prescription was copied. In less than 20 minutes I had chosen my frames and paid for the entire bill. I came back 10 days later and fitted into two pairs of new glasses. Great service and a decent price for high index lenses and frames. The amount I spent at Sears for two pairs of glasses is about the same for a pair of glasses at Costco (where I purchased my last pair). You can try this link: where you will get more reviews about this local optical store and you will know where it is a good place to get your nerd glasses.

  • Some people wear it for fashion,some have a habit of wearing sunglasses when outside.

  • Nothing dangerous at all! It may be pinguecula, the reason of it appearing is the conjunctiva connective tissue degeneration by stimulation of dust and sunshine or aging. It usually come out by old people and longtime outdoor workers. You may never feel pain and uncomfortable, it also has no affect to the vision. Unless it affect the appearance of your eyes, it has no need to cutted out or take treatment by medicine.

  • In my opinion, sun damage is a major contributor to milia, because it thickens and toughens the outer layers of skin, making it harder for dead skin cells to find their way out of glands. The cysts then form in the areas that were overexposed to unforgiving rays.

  • There are black spots appear before people who have floaters, and the black spots are flying with the rotation of the eyes, which like the flying mosquitoes. In general, the shapes are round, oval, punctuate, or linear. The common situation is when you look at the blue sky, white wall and other bright background, you can easily see it. So the black spots and lines which you said are symptoms of floaters.