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Category: Optical Stores, Eye Doctor

14900 Avery Ranch Blvd Ste B500
Austin, TX 78717-3957

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If I could give NEGATIVE stars I would. This business engages in deceptive billing practices and unethical behavior.

Specifically, I used VSP insurance for a routine exam. Dr. Vaughn Brinegar discovered something that required additonal testing. Upon additional testing, I was given the terrifying diagnosis that I needed to come back ASAP because I could very likely end up with a detached retina! At check out, the staff initially tried to tell me my medical insurance was going to cover this visit instead of VSP - first I'd heard. When I questioned this, Dr. Brinegar was standing right there and said "No, just use the VSP. But your next visit will go to your medical insurance."

Upon reflection and advice from my spouse, I cancelled my followup appoint with Dr. Brinegar (who is only an Optometrist) and made one with an Retinologist/Opthamologist (the kind who attend actual medical school and with a specialty of the retina).

So imagine my shock to receive a HUGE bill from Ultimate Eye Care. Seems they didn't like that, after being terrorized into believing a detached retina was likely imminent, I went with a prominent local specialist. So, they changed their mind about their billing just to screw me, their patient.

In future, I had every intention for routine visits to return, just not for this serious issue. After then calling to work something out, they very nastily agreed to waive my portion of the medical claim they'd submitted, told me to find a new doctor, and I thought that was the end of it. But no.

Imagine my further surprise to learn: (1) Dr. Brinegar's diagnosis was completely incorrect and she'd terrified me for no reason and (2) Ultimate Eye Care went ahead and submitted an additional claim to VSP, too (so they double-dipped to obtain money from both insurance companies).

Incompetent and greedy, unethical behavior and deceptive billing. Tell me, does this sound like a practice you'd trust your eyes to??

12/04/2013 BY JenniLou

General Impression:

Avoid this place!! They like to switch the billing up on you to screw you later - deceptive billing practices, unethical behavior, bad news!! Stay away!

02/23/2011 BY BobbieJoJo

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  • High blood pressure can cause various side effects. The most possible one is red eyes, but as far as we know, we have not heard that it can cause dark circles. However high blood pressure is also a dangerous illness so in daily life please try to be careful enough. Except eye problem, there are many other side effects.

  • The nerves of your teeth and your eyes can be interlinked. Any small kind of irritation to your eyes will lead to redness. It is common to have red eyes caused by painful teeth. What you can do is to have your teeth checked by a dentist. Maybe the dentist will prescribe some medicines to kill your pain.

  • In my views, cucumber is the best food in the world in that they can offer abundant vitamins and help with many eye problems and skin disorders. If you suffer sore eyes, I seriously tell you have a good rest and stay fit. Sore eyes combined with a dry, gritty feeling could be caused by dry eye syndrome. Generally speaking, sore eyes are eye pain. Well, many eye problems are causes of sore eyes, such as allergies and eye infections, black eyes and injured eyes. Cucumber has a magic power to heal sore eyes. You can apply cucumber slice on your eyes for 10 minutes twice everyday. You eyes must fresh after that and your skin will also absorb the vitamins and minerals which stocks in cucumber. Just because cucumber has a high value of meditation and cosmetology functions, they are used in cosmetics and medicines. We can see cucumber facial cleanser, cucumber eye oil and ointments. Plus, although cucumber has a good effect on sore eyes, you still need to see a doctor to receive proper treatments.

  • You should understand that Electric is an American brand which mainly focuses on producing various kinds of sunglasses and clothing, accessories, etc. So, indeed there are always plenty of fake ones on the market. I advise that you should carefully check the qualities , ask for the product warrenty before you do the deal. Also, do not forget to contact their sales department for help.

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  • wear your glasses, you can see clear with them but there is a risk of loosing them in the water and you cant find them. and the water may damage your frames/ hinges/ coating of the lenses in the long run.

  • Usually the constituents of the witch hazel extract contain gallic acid, catechins, saponins, bitters and so on. One of the essential ingredients in witch hazel has the magic power of astringent, which helps tighten and smooth the skin and reduce the bagginess and swelling. Therefore you get the right choice to reduce the swelling eyes. Besides witch hazel can also be used externally on sores and bruises and it does work to reduce your hazel eyes.

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