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8080 Gate Way East next to JULIOS CAFE

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General Impression:

Maybe the worst service ever !!

03/16/2016 BY Leslie

General Impression:

Ive had nothing but a great service. I am from El Paso and moved to Dallas. I have bought my contacts since they had their office in Juarez. I still order my contacts from Dallas in a one call resolution. They will always have my contacts ready the same day at a great price.
Thank you guys.

11/06/2013 BY Marisa

General Impression:

a nightmare of service!!!!

09/09/2012 BY sarai

General Impression:

I called and thought we were in the US where we speak English but no one could help me because they spoke Spanish. Not good.

08/29/2012 BY American

General Impression:

This place has horrible service. They lose your order crossing the border and play the blame game. Glasses get taken away regularly by customs, well if your not paying the taxes that would be a good reason for this happening over and over again. Got a better deal and my glasses where ready when they said they would be ready at Walmart.

06/08/2012 BY Truly upset

General Impression:

Bad customer service skills, were not on time and when ready the prescription on the glasses was wrong.

06/06/2012 BY anonymous

General Impression:

great place

05/10/2012 BY sergio hernandez

General Impression:

WoW! this place is great..........its got great glasses and service too!

04/15/2011 BY dreamblue79

  • Firmoo Answers
  • Some people with hooded eyes are born to be. And others have got this because of the growing habit. If someone wears the eyeglasses with high prescription for a long time, he or she may get the hooded eyes easily. This can be treated in the hospital through a little surgery.

  • You can apply toothpaste with a soft cloth and then rub around the inside of the goggles with the cloth.Finally rinse it off and then you can wear your swimming goggles.

  • Some people with color blindness only see black and white. They belong to the total color blindness. However, some people with color blindness will see some limited colors. Their color blindness belongs to the part blindness. They could use the surgery to help them get cured of the color blindness. It is safe and effective. Thus, finding a good hospital with high reputation is the necessary part to do the safe surgery.

  • Yes, it is quite possible. The cataract surgery increases the risk to get vitreous detachment. Eyes are fully filled with vitreous, a gel-like substance which could help maintain the round shape of eyeball, and there are millions of fine fibers in this gel connected to the surface of retina. The common reason for vitreous detachment is age. As we aging, the vitreous substance starts to shrink, so the millions of fine fibers in it begin to pull retina. Usually this pulling power breaks the fibers to that vitreous detached from retina, which is so called vitreous detachment, which is very common for people over 80. Besides of age, eye trauma, infections or inflammation, nearsightedness and eye surgery all contribute to vitreous detachment. According to Academy Ophthalmology on Eye-care America Website, people who had cataract surgery are at a higher risk of getting vitreous detachment. So far I didn't find any way to prevent it. Normally it won't impact our vision. You might go through some eye floater. If you once had cataract surgery, and the floaters increased in a sudden, I suggest you to visit your ophthalmologist to have an eye examination.

  • Why don't you buy the clear glasses?They can be much cheaper than having the lenses made into the existing frames.

  • Good morning I am writing to you at due to the fact that I felt that our Fashion jewelry Shops E-mail List and Jewelry Contacts Catalogue may well be of interest to your business, particularly in serving to help you to grow your B2B sales. Earlier this month, we have launched the absolute most comprehensive and complete database of all jewelery retail store contact information on the planet. This database is perfect for jewelery focused companies that are looking to market their B2B services or products to the whole jewelery market worldwide. The B2B database works fantastic for newsletters, email campaigns, social media marketing and much more. At the moment, the entire database has approximately 40,000 jewelery stores and jewelery-related businesses and is available in an Excel spread sheet. Our database has been particularly instrumental in really helping many Jewelery related manufacturers from China to tap into the European markets and to date. You can view a sample of the database and discover more about it at This database is presently marked down for the next couple of days and normal price will be implemented afterwards. I hope the above is of assistance. Kind regards

  • Yes. It is normal. You can consult with your doctor to see how to treat this problem. Probably you itchy eyes will go away by itself very soon. But you shouldn't rub your eyes after the surgery in case it will cause some other problems.

  • You'd better listen the professional advices not to buy sunglasses with transition lenses. Transition lenses also called photochromic lenses that can adjust to dark lenses when expose to sun while adjust automatically to clear lenses in room. But it takes minutes. Apart from transition lenses, you can wear regular prescription sunglasses that can always in colored lenses and protect the eyes from UV rays in the sun. Or clip on sunglasses is OK.

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  • Generally speaking, puffy eyes are swelling under eyes. The skin around the eyes is very thin and is full of blood vessels which make it very sensitive. Sometimes puffy eyes can go away in minutes, while sometimes you need to take some remedies for them. Puffy eyes can be caused by many factors: fluid retention, stress, allergies and hormone changes. Use cold, refrigerated used tea bags to remove puffiness, or apply some eye creams on the puffiness. Also, drink plenty of water to clean out your system and limit sodium intake are also remedies for puffy eyes. In addition, massage is also a great new way to remove them. You can massage the skin around your eyes with some aromatherapy oils which help with reduce pressure in blood vessels and take some supplements for skin. But you need massage the skin gently because the skin around eyes are so thin and easily gather fats. All in all, massage really works for puffy eyes. The effect is so prominent.