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Sunland Optical Co

(915) 566-8639

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1611 Marshall Rd
El Paso, TX 79906

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  • since there are quite a few manufacturers and each manufacturer has several types of progressives I'd say that there are dozens of progressives. Some are for specific usage needs and others are for certain RX options. These are questions that should be answered by your optical professional. If you can not discuss your needs and wants with your optician (not a commissioned sales person) then maybe you'd better re-think where and how you purchase your eyeglasses. The correct fit of the correct lens for your individual lens is critical to effective use of your eyeglasses. 99% of all difficulties with eyeglasses come from incorrect fit or just the wrong lens for that person's needs. Do yourself a favor and consider the importance of your vision and then decide how much "saving a few bucks" really costs you. See a competent optical professional and get your questions answered according to your individual case. Best of luck!

  • Maybe the prescription is wrong,in this case, you should recheck your eyes before making another pair of glasses. For this, you must go to an optometrist for an eye exam, or you should try an ophthalmologist, to check if there is not another issue non eyeglass related. In this case, maybe you will receive a medical prescription that will solve the problem, and then try the eyeglasses.

  • Yeah, it is possible. When you are sad, you may cry a lot which may to some degree make your eyes get red. The bad emotion will influence your nerves in the body which may indirectly decline your immune system. That is to say, your eyes may get infected easily because of the dust or sand. Then the color of eyes may change to warn to you that there exists the problems for your eyes.

  • All right, shall I remind you that flaxseed oil does not help with your blepharitis a lot? Because flaxseed oil is after all not a medication, which does not relieve that infection. And here I would like to recommend that you get cold compress to your eyes, take some anti-biotic medicine, and get some eye drops under the doctor's help, only timely medical treatment would put you out of your misery.

  • Ok, it seems that you are really worried about getting an eye stye,because such problem would give rise to a lot of symptoms to your eyes and make you suffer a lot. It is true that an eye stye could be resulted from dirty use of your eyes, for they are derived from bacteria, and you also have to pay attention to how you use your eyes and how you rest your eyes.

  • No. In fact, it depends on the way you wear and your temperament. If you wear properly, white glasses frames can make girls look more cute and nice. Personally. If you have a fair skin and like to wear bright colored clothes, you can try white eyeglasses frames. On the contrary, if you like to wear dark colored clothes and have a dark skin, you'd better not wear white eyeglasses.

  • Well, generally speaking, it will take about one week. First, a chalazion is a blockage in a small duct in your eyelid, and it can lead to a small bump and eyelid swelling. According to some researches, when the glands in your eyes can not release their oil because their duct is blocked, a chalazion will occur. Some factors which can increase the risk of developing a chalazion, including blepharitis, viral infection. You can try warm compresses which may be helpful. For example, you can hold a warm, wet cloth on the eyelid for five to 10 minutes, four times a day. And after one week, it will just be fine.

  • Yes, it is ok to wear monthly contact lenses. It is hard to say that whether monthly contact lenses are better than daily disposable contacts or not. It depends on your need because both of them have their own advantage. In term of health and safe, I think daily disposable contact lenses are much better than monthly contact lenses. Daily disposable contact lenses are used only for one day. Monthly contact lenses must clean with contact-lens fluid every day you stop using them and you may not clean up the cover of the contact lenses. That will have dirty thing on them. So, it cleaner and safer to use daily disposable contact lenses. However, in term of quality and price, monthly contact lenses are better than daily disposable contact lenses. Because monthly contact lenses are used for a month, so they are made in better material and they can be easily to wear. And their prices are more expensive than daily disposable contact lenses. At last, I want to say that if you use your contact lenses only few times and want to have least damage to your eyes, I advise you to use daily disposable contact lenses. If you want use your contacts more times and use least money, I advise you to use monthly contact lenses.

  • The best benefits is that you don't need to switch between sunglasses and regular glasses when you go outdoors and indoors.It can block the harmful light and protect your eyes. The disadvantage is they are more expensive than the regular lenses.They may stop to change color after 2 years as the chemical material can get damaged.