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Crystal Clear Optometry

Crystal Clear Optometry

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4013 N 23rd St
McAllen,TX 78504

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4013 N 23rd St McAllen,TX 78504

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Dear readers,

I have worn glasses for approximately twenty years, that being said I have been a patron of various optometrists and lens stores. I visited the optometrist at Crystal
Clear in February of 2015 for a vision exam as a walk-in. I was seen in a timely manner, but the doctor was a short with me in way that made me feel that he wanted to hurry up and get me out of his office ,even though there was no one else in the lobby waiting to be seen. The price for a contact lens and glasses exam without insurance was $85.00 with a one month trial pair of contact lenses which I found to be satisfactory.

I returned to Crystal Clear in March 2015 with insurance to purchase a pair of glasses and had a horrible experience. I walked into the optometrist's office and asked if I could please have my prescription sent to their frames store (which is connected and part of the same business) and the lady snapped at me and asked me why I didn't just bring the one that they had given me on visit, the month before. After arguing with me she reluctantly sent it over 15 minutes later.

Once I picked out two frames that I was interested in I sat down with my husband and began trying them on, in effort to choose the one that suited me best. As I wear glasses everyday this is a big deal and I like to feel comfortable during this process. The woman who "helped" me was so rude and began making personal attacks at me in an effort to hurry me up in choosing a pair. Then she went as far as to accuse me of stealing a pair of Raybans and asked her coworker to check the cameras. The coworker informed the woman that they had already been sold and that was why they were missing. The lady then preceded to check the cameras and then once she had seen that they had indeed been sold, she didn't apologize but continued to be rude.

These people are unprofessional and do not deserve anyone's hard-earned money.
I will not return and I hope management reads this and improves their customer service.

03/04/2015 BY Bianca Gonzalez Heyes

General Impression:

bad/rude employees...not fit for human consumption.

08/10/2012 BY vv

  • Firmoo Answers
  • Yes, the eye allergies could be got from high blood pressure because of the affection of pressure on the eyes. If you want to prevent it, you should keep the good mood every day, not getting excited easily or getting sad. You could use some eye drops to moisture the eyes. You need to eat more with vitamin C which is so beneficial for the eyes.

  • Some people getting the sunken eyes are born to be. While others get this because of the environment effect, such as wearing the high prescription eyeglasses, stay up too late and so on. However, the sunken eyes have much relationship with orbital fat in the eyes. It is hard to get rid of since you get it unless you take the surgery which may thoroughly help you get rid of this. And after the surgery, you may get the basic recovery after a week. Then you should take care of your eyes, not smoking, drinking and eating the spicy food.

  • Elliptic thin-framed prescription glasses are suitable for heart face shapes. It should be said that people with heart face shapes can wear a variety of glasses, but the fine border and the vertical line frame is the most suitable. Man can choose a frame whose below frame is narrow than the top, in general, do not choose the flat type of frame. Female can also choose a frame whose frame is narrow than the top, but it should have a low height and a little warped type, in order to increase the visual length of the face.

  • It will be fashionable if it look on you. Amber is the one of an comfortable colors for sunglasses lenses. No matter how many changes in fashion sunglasses designs, there always some amber sunglasses are popular. So, the color is not the main factor to decides if they are fashionable. It is the design of the sunglasses. Anyway, the most suitable pair will be the best choices for wearers. So, as long as the sunglasses flatter you, it will be good item to decorate you.

  • In general, for LASIK surgery about 2-3 working days and a medical certificate will be given according to the type of surgery that you undergo. Normal activities can be resumed after 1 week but please refrain from swimming or water sports for 2 weeks. In addition, for LASIK surgery patients, we would advise you to avoid contact sports for 1 month to avoid accidental injury to the corneal flap.

  • I think your sore eye is caused by rubbing your eyes when you are crying. And your use great energy to cry will make the muscles around your eyes pain. It is a very common problem to those who are crying. And it doesn't need any special kind of treatment for they will recover after some sleep or few hours later after stopping crying.

  • Yes, it is common to have a lower contact prescription than your glasses prescription. The contact prescription is lower because the contact sits right against your eyeballs, but the glasses sit about 1 inch away from your eyeballs. In other words, when decide the prescription of the contacts or the glasses, the first thing you should consider is about the distance between the lenses and the eyeball. But you can not decide the prescription by yourself but through a serious exam and the doctor's suggestion.

  • There is no doubt that computers can do a lot of harm to your eye health. When you sit in front of the computer for a long time, your eye muscles will be very sore and along with this symptom are neck pain, blurry vision and sometimes even a headache. Well, I think you may already have experienced these symptoms. Of all these symptoms, I think the most insufferable thing should be eye strain. Nowadays, eye strain is so common. If your work requires you to spend most of your time to sit in front of your computer, then I strongly suggest you to rest your eyes every an hour, even only for 10 min will be very helpful to your eyes.

  • If you wearing clear contact lenses, others may easily to notice that you wearing contact lenses. If you want to make your contact lenses less noticeable , you can try some colored contact lenses. And the color of the lenses should the some as the color of your eyeball, or at least is similar to your eyeball color. One of my friend have such experiences. And wearing such colored contact lenses can make her contact lenses less noticeable.

  • If it is not serious and you can still see fine, you can use some anti-inflammatory eye drops to prevent it from getting infected. It would be better several days later. If you have blurry vision, you should see a doctor immediately.