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2200 S 10 St Space F22
Mcallen, TX 78503-5495

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  • The eyes are the so sensitive skin part. You must be feeling uncomfortable when the sunscreen comes into your eyes. You'd better use the clean water to wash it out. Then use the cold cloth to cover on the eyes to release the symptom. Then you will observe whether it is ok.

  • Well, yes, pink eyes can lead to blocked tear ducts. And generally speaking, a blockage can occur at any point in the tear drainage system. So according to some experts, there are many reasons which can cause it. For example, chronic infections and inflammation of your eyes tear drainage system or nose can cause your tear ducts to become blocked. So when you have pink eyes, it is also possible to have blocked tear duct, which is a result of an improperly formed tear duct that obstructs the tear drainage system. For the pink eyes, you should know that it is a kind of eye disease which can just lead to redness, itchy in your eyes. And that can be annoying.

  • Recently, most people do not get eyeglasses from their standalone optician or their own eye doctor. Most people visit the optical store within a discount store like Walmart, Costco, or possibly even Sears.Moreover, there is another way if you are not skeptical- buying eyeglasses at online store such as Warby Parker, Firmoo. Buying eyeglasses at online store will save you a lot. It just cost you a fraction of money which you cost at your brick and motar store.

  • In your situation of getting the hallow eyes, you'd better not stay up late at night. Or else, it may deteriorate the situation. You'd better not smoke, drink or other bad habits of living. You could also use the makeup, like the eye shadow, to beautify the eyes which will look better.

  • If you have vision problems, you need pay more attention to it. It is easy to result in retinal detachment if your prescription is strong. So please go to see an eye doctor to confirm.

  • My grandpa has a pair of reading glasses. He often put on them when he wants to read newspapers. I saw him often put on and took off his reading glasses from time to time. Maybe people will wear reading glasses only when they need them.

  • Yes, the pink eyes are contagious which could be spread in the swimming pool. Thus, when you swim in the pool, you'd better wear the swimming goggles to protect the health of your eyes. You should wash the eyes after the swimming to clean your eyes. If you get the pink eyes, you should avoid getting into the public places like the swimming pool.

  • Styes are usually caused by staphylococcal bacteria, which often live right on the skin surface. Our bodies are coated with billions of friendly bacteria that coexist with us. When the conditions are just right the bacteria feast on dead cells and other debris, resulting in the tender pimple. For this reason, I do not think lack of sleep with cause stye. So to prevent styes, you probably need to practice better eyelid hygiene. That means regular lid scrubs to remove excess germs and cellular debris. Put a few drops of mild baby shampoo into a teacup of warm water and stir. Using a cotton wool ball, gently brush the soapy solution along the base of your eyelashes while keeping your lids closed. If you don't have time to mix up baby shampoo, scrub your closed lids with a soapy flannel in the shower.

  • No. And it might help to have someone with a background in science and optics answering this instead of folks repeating random stuff they were told in sales pitches at the sunglass shop. All tinted lenses will diminish the amount of light reaching the eye, blue and otherwise. Blue lenses would simply allow some more blue light through- no more than wearing clear lenses, or no lenses whatsoever. The biggest negative effect of a blue lens would come in situations involving depth perception- blue lenses will make the perimeter of objects appear "softer" and more out-of-focus, and as a result, can effect depth perception. Blue lenses will have zero factor in so called "blue light" or "HEV light" damaging the eye. There is also a growing body of evidence that the "blue light scare" has been blown out of proportion by lens manufacturers (most notably Essilor, a lens conglomerate that controls the majority of all prescription lens manufacturing in the world- yes, the world) in order to sell HEV "filters" that cost significantly more than standard anti-reflective lens treatments. While blue light can and will cause eyestrain and can effect circadian rhythms leading to sleep disturbance, it's looking more and more like it takes a greater amount of HEV to have these effects and that its long-term harm has been overexaggerated. TLDR: I have almost ten years experience in the optics field and a BS with a minor in biology. Blue sunglasses are not "bad" for you. I wouldn't drive with them though.