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5233 N 23rd St
Mcallen, TX 78504-4010

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  • Yes. Obesity will lead to the loss of the eyesight even blindness if it is serious enough. Obesity wil make the eye get pressure and then lead to glaucoma at last. So overfat people have a higher risk of getting eye diseases. Overfat people should do exercises more often and eat fruits and vegetables as much as possible to keep fit.

  • There are some round sunglasses on ebay. I think they are similar with John Lennon's sunglasses. But to be frank with that, I don't think round sunglasses look better than ray ban sunglasses. So I prefer to ray ban sunglasses. But this doesn't matter. You can choose what you like. You have the right to do that. Hope this helped!

  • There are many bad side effects of dry eyes. Your eyes will feel absolutely uncomfortable. In addition, your eyes will get red. It will also make the eyes get excessive blinking. As we know, the blinking of the eyes has the role to moisture the eyes. Thus, you will have to blink more times to make the dry eyes get comfortable. You could use some eyes drops to moisture the eyes.

  • You can apply some cosmetics to moisten the skin under your eyes. It can help reduce the wrinkles and help with the dark circles. Usually dark circles will disappear on their own it your catch up with some sleep and don't stay up too late in the night. You can use chilled spoons to put on the skins under your eyes to constrain the vessels in the tissue.

  • Commonly diabetes is described as too much sugar in blood vessels. This condition often occurs among 40s to 50s aged people. People who suffer diabetes will get blurry vision. That's because the blood vessels in eyes afford high pressure which is possible to damage nerves. And an oculist said that diabetes is hard to cause yellow eyes. The most common factor which leads to yellow eyes is due to liver. Diabetes can cause side effect on liver. As we all known, liver diseases may be caused by alcohol, meet and so on. If someone gets liver diseases, the prominent symptoms are thin and yellow. So your yellow eyes are possible for liver diseases. But you need to pay attention to your health in any condition. Health is above all. Plus, if you really get diabetes, do not eat many foods which contain high sugar. And you'd better follow your doctor's suggestions to keep eye sight.

  • Oh, I know you are eager to apply cosmetics to your face maybe it is your habits. However, you should know that corneal ulcer is one of the most complicated and serious problems with your eyes, which could even lead to blindness you know? Eye makeups are quite irritative to your eyes for the time being, just try to stay away from them until you get fully recovered. You just need to get some effective treatment in the hospital, if you want to stay healthy and visible.

  • Definitely you need . The exam for contacts and glasses are quite different . Don't save the money at the risk of your eyes' health.

  • Well, of course not. Color blindness is not related to eye color. Generally speaking, people are born with certain eye color, and it will not change in most cases. And there is no evidence show that eye color is related to color blindness. And for people who have color blindness, it means that they have trouble seeing red, green, or blue or a mix of these colors. Also, color blindness is a genetically inherited condition. For other causes, injury of the eye, aging or as a side effect of using certain medications or drugs can be ones. in common, partial color blindness can be treated by wearing corrective glasses, surgery, or by quitting with consuming certain drugs or medications.

  • Yes, you can. There are many plano (non prescription) computer glasses sold in the market. They are suitable for people without vision problem but need to protect their eyes from computer radiation. You can go to nearby glasses boutique or optical store to have a look.

  • If the diameter and base curve is incorrect or the contact lenses is too small or too big, which will cause discomfort.When your lens fits properly, the lens should cover the entire cornea and it should be moving slightly with each blink. If it%u2019s moving a lot, wearers will experience dryness, irritation, itchiness, etc. If it%u2019s moving too little, it can become irritated and red with blurry vision. Keep in mind most people should be able to wear contact lenses for up to 12 hours comfortably if it fits right