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Category: Optical Stores, Eye Doctor

Po Box 981420
Park City, UT 84098-1420

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  • Welding is often involved in our life, it can generate very stimulating even harmful strong lights, especially when it flashes quickly. So this is absolutely dangerous to our eyes. However, most often the stobe light that we encounter is not welding light, but generated by cameras when we take photos. Compared to welding light, camera strobe is not so harmful, because its intensity is much less. But on the contrary, very often exposion into it, eyes also fell uncomfortable, or even painful, so this is when you have to avoid further effects. So, occasional using of camera strobe lights will not harm your eyes. Do not forget to protect eyes from varied aspects, such as sit up straight, and keep necessary space between any screen.

  • Get a pair of glasses that fit you properly so that they won't fall off even when you are running. If your glasses are too loose, they are easy to slip off your nose when running, which is verry annoying. You can take your glasses back to the place you bought them and ask the worker there to adjust the glasses for you so that they can fit you exactly. A proper pair of glasses should be neither too tight nor too loose. As long as they fit you properly, they won't fall off again when running.

  • I think you should, but only for reading things in far distances and maybe watching tv. I had a little short sightedness and didn't where glasses and now I have really bad vision and I regret it a lot. Good luck.

  • The most common symptoms is that you will see a white cataract on the lens of the eye. And you will find people with congenital cataract experiencing rapid spontaneous eye movements. Hope this can be hellpful.

  • Massaging the affected area with natural oil can help relieve your bruise. Using olive oil is recommended, as it is an effective healing agent. Alternatives like castor oil and coconut oil can also be utilized.Victims should be careful not to apply increased pressure in the process of massaging the affected areas with oil as this can only result in increased pain. This should be done as many times as possible in a day as this will aid the body's lymphatic procedure in eliminating it. To increase the effect of the massage, it should be heading outwards from the center of the bruise. Hope this helpful.

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  • Yeah, of course. You need to consult your eye doctor and get your eyes measured before you get your colored contact lenses. Because different people need the contact lenses with different size. Moreover, you also need to know how to protect your eyes when wearing color contact lenses. Hope this helpful

  • If you mean you get an eyelash into your eyes, you can remove it immediately. I often wet a piece of clean cloth and then wipe my eyes from nose side to temple side. Just repeat this for several times, the eyelashes can be removed. You don't need to worry about this because many people get eyelashes into their eyes from time to time. The eyelashes will fall out sometimes which is a common phenomenon. This won't do great damage to your eyes but it can be really hurt. 

  • You can have a look at polarized sunglasses are used for sun protection. I have a pair of polarized sunglasses. They can provide me with clear vision because they are a pair of prescription sunglasses with brown lenses. We know that green or brown lenses can provide us with clear contrast. And they make my eyes feel more comfortable when compared with a pair of regular sunglasses. I suggest you to buy polarized sunglasses other than regular sunglasses. Hope this helped!