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Edmunds Frank M O.D.

Edmunds Frank M O.D.

(801) 357-7373

Category: Optical Stores

1055 N 300 W Ste 204
Provo,UT 84604

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  • There are varifocal contact lenses. While at first, I'm confused about varifocal contact lenses. I think it may be impossible to function as well as varifocal glasses do. But my friend just bought a pair of varifocal contact lenses. It does work. So you can have a try. Remember that wash your hands with soaps before wearing the contacts.

  • No, the prescription for contact lenses and eyeglasses are different because the contact lenses will put into your eyes while eyeglasses just hang on your face. And usually contact are made with non prescription and different level of prescription and already to sell. As long as you offer your prescription, they will provide the proper contact lenses from their stocks for you.

  • Yes, you can and it really works great. Since breast milk is sterile and fresh breast milk contains anti bacterial qualities, which can be very helpful for curing your eye infections, as well as your sore eyes just like the virgin coconut oil. And there is almost no side effect. You can just put a few drops of breast milk into your sore eyes. What's more, it can cure throats and mouth sores too. Have a try and good luck!

  • I don't think farsightedness can cause blindness finally. Because as long as you wear glasses or contacts to correct your vision, your eyesight won't become so worse. My grandpa is over 60 and he has got farsightedness for many years. Now he is not blind.

  • Well, blurred eyes, which are always a character of the failed work of eye imaging system, can be resulted from the side effects of some eye surgeries, commonly laser surgery. In general, eye inflammations caused by the bacteria, viruses or some foreign substances lead to the reduction of clarity of vision. Sometimes, the incorrect use of some medications has the same impact. As we all know, firstly, we need to get the information from the object and send to the retina, finally present the image there by the translation of our optic nerves. The damage of any parts will certainly lead to the vision problems. By the way, the deficient supply of liver blood also results in blurry vision and other eye problems. Irritated eyes will block the message to communicate normally. So you may need to develop a healthy life style. On safe side, it is reasonable to see a doctor if it gets worse latter.

  • I am sorry to hear that. You must have ignore the proper prevention of your eyes. The sun will emit some dangerous invisibly lights like invisible infra-red or ultra-violet radiation leading to retina burn. Further, retina burns can be caused unconsciously, especially when you have a long time outdoor activities, even on cloudy days, or go out during 10am-2pm, where the sun’s UV rays are at their strongest. Besides, your contact lenses may not have built-in UV protection. Keep it in mind that UV can not be filtered by the cloud. Also, scientists have already proved that prolonged and excessive sun exposure can do a lot of damage to our eyes in the long run. Our white part of the eye may inflame the conjunctiva,called photokeratitis, including the redness of the eyes or discomfort. Don't worry, it can be remedied easily though. What is more, you can avoid permanent damage to your sight by using lubricating eye drops and anti-inflammatory drops.

  • I don't think the soft lenses can fit properly over the top of the hard lenses. I've never heard people wear the soft contact lenses together with the hard lenses. Go to check with your doctor.

  • Astigmatism can be devided into two types, regular astigmatism and irregular astigmatism. Regular astigmatism means that the principal meridians are perpendicular to each other. While irregular astigmatism means that the principal meridians are not perpendicular. Most astigmatism is regular corneal astigmatism, which is caused by the misshaped cornea.

  • 2 types of glaucoma. Chronic and acute.
    With chronic glaucoma there are no warning symptoms. Unless you visit the optometrist regularly you won't know until it's too late. Chronic glaucoma does NOT give rise to photophobia.
    In acute glaucoma the symptoms; severe pain, red eye, blurred vision. will force you to get help. Photophobia is not a regularly reported symptom.

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