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    1.Wolcott Optical Service LC

    3145 Highland Dr
    Salt Lake City,UT 84106

    Wolcott Optical Service LC is a 5-star Optical Store1 Reviews

    Had a very pleasant experience at Wolcott Optical today. My little puppy decided to chew on my eye glasses last night. I ran into Wolcott to see if they could repair them. They put on new ear pieces, straightened the frames and made sure that they fit just exactly right while I waited. It was only about 15 minutes. When I asked how much I owed them, they said that there was "no charge." They did an outstanding service to me. I can guarantee that my next optical business will be done at Wolcott. I encourage others to try them too. I am sure you will be satisfied....
  • 2.Sugar House Vision Clinic

    2178 S 900 E Ste 4
    Salt Lake City, UT 84106-2388

    Sugar House Vision Clinic is a 5-star Optical Store1 Reviews

  • 3.Broadway Eye Clinic

    250 E 300 S.

    Broadway Eye Clinic is a 0-star Optical Store0 Reviews

  • 4.Walmart Vision Center

    1160 Illinois Ave
    Salt Lake City, UT

    Walmart Vision Center is a 0-star Optical Store0 Reviews

  • 5.Terry Hansen Od

    2828 W 4700 S Ste D
    Salt Lake City, UT 84118-2154

    Terry Hansen Od is a 0-star Optical Store0 Reviews

  • 6.Moran Optical

    65 Mario Capecchi Dr
    Salt Lake City, UT 84132-0005

    Moran Optical is a 0-star Optical Store0 Reviews

  • 7.The Spectacle

    602 E 500 S
    Salt Lake City,UT 84102

    The Spectacle is a 0-star Optical Store0 Reviews

  • 8.Apple Vision

    2282 W 5400 S
    Salt Lake City,UT 84118

    Apple Vision is a 0-star Optical Store0 Reviews

  • 9.Advantage Eye Care

    7677 South Maple Street
    Midvale Utah 84058

    Advantage Eye Care is a 0-star Optical Store0 Reviews

  • 10.The Spectacle

    456 Trolley Sq
    Salt Lake City, UT

    The Spectacle is a 0-star Optical Store0 Reviews

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  • Wolcott Optical Service LC

    Wolcott Optical Service LC is 5-star1 Reviews

    Had a very pleasant experience at Wolcott Optical today. My little puppy decided to chew on my eye glasses last night. I ran into Wolcott to see if they could repair them. They put on new ear pieces, straightened the

  • Sugar House Vision Clinic

    Sugar House Vision Clinic is 5-star1 Reviews

    Awsome!!!! My eye doctor was the best, I should mention her name. But I want to keep her to myself...... Thanks Dr. Kyiser

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  • Well, it is true that aging would be of great significance to one's appearance and personal images. As a matter of fact ,as we grow older, a lot of problems on our eyes would emerge, such as eye bags, wrinkles,etc. Anyway, it would be wise for you to take regular exercise, take a healthy diet and get regular rest and quit some had habits like smoking or drinking. And, sometimes cosmetics would be of great help to you.

  • Generally speaking, when the eyes get a slight inflammation, dripping some eyedrops is ok. But if the eye inflammation is serious, you need to take medicines for oral administration or get an injection. I advise you to go to see a doctor because if the eye inflammation is not cured in time, it can cause serious complicating diseases. If you do not want to go to hospital, you can diminish inflammation by nursing method. Encase the cold tea bag with towel and apply it on your eyes for five minutes because the tannic acid contained in the tea is a good astringent, which has an effect of apocatastasis. Do not take too much food with high salinity and do not smoke or drink. Keep your ocular region clean and ensure sufficient sleep. Eye massage also helps because it promote the blood circulation.

  • You can try opaque colors, they are designed especially for people who want to change their eye color completely (to green,blue,aqua). But in my opinion, brown eyes are also beautiful , you don't need to change it intentioanlly . Remember that natural beauty is the most beautiful . It will not hurt if you follow the right instruction to wear .

  • nerd glasses are regarded as one of the stylish glasses. Although once a time nerd glasses were considered as old fashion glasses, it can make people look smart, elegant as well as learned. nerd glasses are hot last year, but in recent years, with the back to fashion of retro vintage eyeglasses, nerd glasses become fashion again. So I think both nerd glasses and vintage eyeglasses will still be fashionable and popular this year.

  • oval sunglasses are not a bad choice because they work well on your small round face. But sometimes, you will probably find it too ordinary because everybody with a round face around you wears such sunglasses and you cannot be distinguished from them. So it is up to you to make a change when you discern that scene.

  • If you have the iodine deficiency, you may have high possibility to get the thyroid which will lead to your bulging eyes because of the dryness. Your eyes may get the infection. You could eat food with iodine. At the same time, you could also eat the food with vitamin C to moisture your eyes. It is very important for you to have the good rest for the eyes.

  • Well, generally speaking, if you have taken some practice, maybe you can achieve it. But on the other hand, in common, people cannot do it. Some research has shown that humans can indeed have some level of independent control of their eyes. And you should also need to know that many people have the ability to willfully "cross their eyes". In some cases, they can also move their eyes inward toward each other. But that can be rare, for our visual system is not suitable for binocular vision. Of course, you might be able to train yourself to move each eye independently. But it may just do no help to your eyes.

  • Pink eye is an infection of the conjunctiva which keeps the eyelids and eyes moist. It usually goes away in 7-10 days without medical treatment. People who have pink eye feel quite uncomfortable. However, you can apply some ice packs to relieve the symptoms of pink eye. Ice pack can help decrease the swelling, itching and redness effectively. Apply a cloth that is soaked in cold water and make sure the excess water has been removed. Then put the ice pack on your eyes. Repeat doing this can help relieve the discomfort and symptoms caused by pink eye.

  • From the name of disposable contacts, you can find it means the contacts just only by its name. It only would use for once. This kind of contacts no matching care solution, it could not strong to use again for the second time. The material will get degeneration two days later and the lenses will not so transparent as before, the degree of comfortable will be decrease at all. The qualities of disposable contacts actually are not good as annual ones. The differences of supporting ability are also the same with the other attribution to the two kinds of contacts. Long time using will cause transformation of the contacts quality of disposable ones. So if the condition allows you to change it in the second day, I suggest you would better follow the rules to change new ones. Pay attention to wearing your own contacts in certain periods. Help yourself with the health with eyes; it is really important for the quality of life.

  • There has some matters need attention after your cataract surgery to treat your eyes. Firstly, no strenuous exercises with fierce head drop, no strength exertion, avoids trauma and take rest for at least three month and without heavy physical labor and sports. Secondly, avoid unclean water get into your eyes when you washing head and face. No rub to your eyes or wipe your eyes with towel or paper tissue. Thirdly, take medicine or eye drops as the doctor's advice; eating digestible food and avoid simulative food to keep defecate unobstructed. Finally, Please wearing safety goggles within two weeks after surgery and recheck your eyes condition at regular intervals.