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The Optical Center

The Optical Center

(802) 316-4651

Category: Optical Stores

107 Church St
Burlington,VT 05401

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The Optical Center is located at 107 church street in Burlington, Vermont on Burlington's Church Street Marketplace. We specialize in Eyeglasses an Sunglasses and carry an extensive line of frames and lenses from designer brands. Please visit us in Burlington or call 802-864-7146.



Anti-Reflective Lenses

Bifocal Eyewear Lenses

Children's Eyewear

Cleaning Solutions

Computer Eyeglasses

Designer Eyewear

Digital Free Form Lenses

Duplicate Eyeglasses


Fashion Eyewear

Lineless Bifocal Lenses

Lineless Trifocal Lenses

Low Vision Devices

Non-Prescription Lenses

Oakley RX

Plastic Lenses

Polarized Sun Lenses

Prescription Sunglasses

Progressive lenses

Protective Eyewear

Replacement Eyewear

Scratch Resistant Lenses

Sports Eyewear


UV Protective Coatings


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Phone: (802) 864-7146


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American Board of Opticians Certified
Member of Ameican Opticians Association and Vermont Opticians Association

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