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  • Yes. Actually, varifocals DO take a while to get used to, and depending on what level of varifocal lens you chose when you got your glasses that might also have an effect. When your optician fit new glasses, they will measure your PD, or pupil distance so the center of the lens is positioned correctly in the frame to give you the best vision and avoid that dizziness. With varifocals and bifocals it is even more important to make sure this measurement is correct. If it is even slightly out this could cause, or at least exacerbate any other symptoms of vertigo that you experience, although these should stop when you take the glasses off if this is the cause.

  • People with optic neuritis may have symptoms such as blurry vision, distorted vision, decreased color vision, blind spots and will potentially suffer vision loss. In addition, it is estimated that about 92% of optic neuritis patients feel pain in the eye, which sometimes precedes the appearance of vision loss. Underlying changes caused by optic neuritis can be abnormal pupil appearance. The pupil performs abnormally that it will dilate instead of constricting in the presence of bright light. And the optic nerve may appear normal or swollen.

  • So, from what I can see, you are curious about this particular question, good for you anyway. People in different regions might get different colored eyes. For example, people in polar areas would have light eyes, which are not more sensitive to sunshine, while Africans have dark eyes, which could be less sensitive to sunshine, for there would be tremendous sunshine in tropical areas. That is just a fact of geografical difference.

  • It is serious. As we know, the cornea is a layer of transparent thin in front of the eye which is often exposed to the air. And the contact germs have more opportunities to get foreign trauma of corneal. The damage on the transparent thin layer, sand hole, the stabbed corneal, bacteria, fungi, viruses can all cause infection and produce corneal ulcer. In addition, the allergy caused by tuberculosis, the lack of vitamin, the facial paralysis and the bad eyelid closure caused by eyelid scar all may cause corneal ulcer. Since you get the corneal ulcer, you may accept the treatment as soon as possible. Usually the surgery is safe and effective. However, if you don't treat it in time, it may become serious and cause the blindness.

  • Of course, Strabismus surgery can improve eye vision. A study has shown that strabismus surgery is the third most common eye surgery in the United States. Strabismus surgery is surgery on the extra ocular muscles to correct the misalignment of the eyes.Strabismus surgery is a one-day procedure. The patient spends only a few hours in the hospital with minimal preoperative preparation. Loosening or weakening procedures, tightening or strengthening procedures, and transposition or repositioning procedures are types of strabismus surgery. So if you have decided to improve your vision through strabismus surgery, you had better hold consult with your doctor and select the proper and safe type for you. After cataract surgery, you must make time to care for your eyes. Two or three different eye drops to use after surgery, sometimes eyeglasses also need.

  • Well, it is very difficult to say the exact time for colored contacts. But generally speaking, it can last about a year. First, you should know that it can last one year, only when you keep good hygiene and don't wear them everyday for the entire year. And also you continue keeping them clean. Besides, it is important for you to blink frequently for if you do not blink frequently they will dry out and start to blur. And in some cases, it can possibly give you a bad infection. In addition, it depends on the brand you choose. For the sake of the safety, you should wear them with high quality. So that it can be safer for your eyes.

  • Recently, with the widely spread of vintage fashion, small reading glasses are very popular among people with vision problems. In fact, that kind of glasses are chic for some people especially those who have a small face. You can surf the website: There are plenty of small reading glasses, and you may ask the customer service for help. Besides, and are offering free glasses for new costumers. Maybe you can find a pair of small reading glasses for free to have a try.

  • Don't worry, it is not a problem of your eyes. It is the light reflecting off the retina that cause the red look in the eyes. In common the relfection in the retina can be caused when the flash is too close to the lens. Or the red eyes in the photos may caused by the Red eye mode in your camera. You may forgot to turn on it. So, check your camera if you find red eyes in photos.

  • If you just take lasik surgery, you'd better not wear eye makeup for at least three days. If you want to eye makeup, the time must extend for two or three weeks. That because eye makeup can cause infection. Even poke your eyes. Besides, the transfer bacteria to the eyes. Though you love your new mascara cream, you'd better not wear it About 2 or three weeks for the sake of your eyes.

  • Yeah, the diameter of the contact lenses does matter. you need to get the prescription for the contact lenses form your eye doctor firstly, then to get a pair of contacts. It is not allowed to get the contacts when you do not have your prescription. Moreover, you also need to the dos and don's when wearing contacts.