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9930 Sowder Village Square
Manassas,VA 20109

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9930 Sowder Village Square Manassas,VA 20109

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We welcome ALL insurance plans.

My Eye Dr. offers superior vision care using the latest technology and the highest quality lenses. We also have the area's largest selection of value, designer and luxury eyewear and provide expert evaluation, fitting and follow-up care for contact lenses. Make an appointment today with one of our licensed optometrists and you'll appreciate our affordable prices.

-Area's largest selection of value and designer eyeglasses and sunglasses
-In-stock contact lenses including bifocal, astigmatic specialty
-On-site Doctors of Optometry for eye exams and pre/post- Lasik care


Established in 2001

Has 36 office locations in Virginia, D.C. and Maryland.
Phone: 866-MYEYEDOC

If you're not completely satisfied call
Customer Service:  888-414-4442
or email:

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On March 23rd, I had an eye exam at the Bristow, VA, office and ordered two pairs of glasses – a regular pair along with a pair of prescription sunglasses. I still have not received the sunglasses. On April 6th, I went back to the office as I was told that both pairs were ready. Unfortunately, the sunglasses had a problem with the left lens; they had put in a lens with the wrong correction. I was told that they would be sent back and a “Rush” put on them. I called about a week ago (4/18) and was told that they were in “final inspection” and would be shipped soon. Over the next few days I heard nothing so I called the office again yesterday (4/24). The person I spoke with told me that she would contact the lab and call me back with an update. She never called me back. I called this morning (4/25) and was again told - by a different person this time (a lab tech) - that he would follow-up "right now" and that I would be called with an update. I am still waiting for a return call. I spent over $1000 on two pairs of glasses at the Bristow office on March 23rd and was, frankly, expecting better service.

I did really like the optometrist, Dr. Bishop, but the rest of the staff - not so much.

04/25/2013 BY Joan

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  • This is who he gets his eyewear from