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8204 27th St W
University Place,WA 98466

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  • The easiest way is to have periodic eye exams. Your eye doctor can tell you the vision problems timely and directly. If you are under 50 years old and healthy, you can have this exam every 2-3 years. If you are over 50 years old and have health risk factors you must have the exam every year. You should also follow a healthy lifestyle. If you are a heavy smoker, try to quit smoking. I know it is hard while this is good for your health. And you need to avoid hazards such as fireworks.

  • They r separately cornea,sclera and iris.However,u should know that although they r very close to each other but they absolutely work differently.First of all,u need to know that cornea can help ur eyes to get light and which is also usually called ur white of eye.I guess this saying can be very clear to u,huh?As to other two parts of ur eyes,I don't think I know much.Maybe u can find a suitable time to consult ur eye doctor.

  • Yes, you'd better not do the makeup which will make your pink eyes get serious. Your pink eyes need the correct treatment. The makeup material will stimulate your skin around the eyes which will make your eyes become more red. You'd better accept the medical care and treat it properly. You could eat more food with vitamin C and use the eye drops.

  • I disagree with walgreensunder, I personally have gotten eye floaters after dehydration and after drinking about half a cup of water I they disappear. I realized this when I went to the optomatrist and told him about the 3 eye floaters in my eye. He told me how they were caused and to relax my eyes. I didn't know what to do after that. They wouldn't go away. 2 days later a weird rainbow projection came into my eye, and I didn't know what that was, but I knew it wasn't good. So I thought of things I haven't done in a while, and one of them was drink water because I forgot to buy month. After drinking water they all vanished. This hasn't only happened once. Every time I don't drink water for 2 days an eye floater will pop into my eye. I ended up finding this thread because I wanted to see if people knew about it, or was I the only one. So I have had experience with this, and I can confirm that dehydration does cause eye floaters.

  • Blue eyes is the sign of beauty, when we talk about pretty girls, we may remains the blue eyes and golden hair. Some people want change their eyes color to blue to make it looks more vivid. But for the function, there is no difference between blue eyes and other colors of eyes at all. But blue eyes are really more welcome than other colors of eyes, that is really true.

  • Well, in my opinion, you are not supposed to wear contact lenses after you have taken the corneal transparent. Generally speaking, you can wear contact lenses, after the first week of the surgery. As we know that contact lenses are make from plastic and they are applied directly into your eye ball. In that way, it will hurt your eyes, for after the surgery, your eyes will become sensitive and fragile. Also, contact lenses will carry many bacteria into your eyes, leading to eye infection. And that can be dangerous to your situation. Anyway, do not wear the contact lenses.

  • Yes, it's more likely that you get eye floaters when you are a near-sighted person. Floaters are an annoyance for many, but a very serious complication for other people. Usually people who are nearsighted have a few more floaters because the way the eye is shaped. We can say that a nearsighted eye is longer, and it is more susceptible to floaters as the track the retina stretches, while a farsighted eye is short and squat. So protecting your eyes and make sure your vision not go worse is the way to heal the floaters. And you also can have a surgery.

  • In fact, I also see some spots in front of me when I look at the sky. There will be many reasons. In my opinion, it will be floaters that lead to your problem. Most floaters in our eyes are harmless because they will disappear gradually. However, if you always see some spot in front of you when you look at the sky, or you suddenly start seeing sparkling lights together with an increased number of floaters, it is strongly advised that you see your eye care practitioner immediately, in case the retina is damaged.

  • Good Morning I haven't had an exam in many years and Wallmart was were I had it done. I just broke my glasses that can not be repaired so I will need a pair of glasses as well. I have no benifits so I am hoping I can get the FREE eye exam. Please let me know. Thank You