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  • Of course yes. contacts offer UV protection if you need. For people who wear contact lenses and do not wear wrap-style sunglasses, the amount of protection from UV radiation can be increased by wearing contact lenses that block UV

  • Many visual snow sufferers also experience: Tinnitus, Blue Field Entoptic Phenomenon (including on backgrounds other than a blue sky), Increased After-images/Palinopsia, Halos, Starbursts, Scotoma, Migraine-aura-esque visual disturbances.

  • Your eyes shake side to side is because the of necessary eye movement. When your eyes are attempted to focus on something, your eyes will automatically shake side to side to track objects smoothly. This eye movement is called saccadic eye movement. But if your eyes jumps or skips or overshoots the object, it is a sign of vestibular problem. If you have this kind of problem, you will have balance issues, vertigo or nausea.

  • Run a stream of warm water from a suitable faucet. Apply a small amount of hand soap to both sides. Rub both sides of the lenses carefully,using your thumb and forefinger and an extra cloth,if available.rinse both sides of the lenses thoroughly,dry the lenses using a cloth.

  • You totally can take a look at, there are many good cheap glasses, most of them are sold under $40 for one pair. I purchased glasses from them frequently, the quality is ok and the shipping is very fast. I highly recommend them to you. I hope it helps.

  • I’m old. I wear them because i have dizzy spells if there is too much glare

  • Yes, you can get the motorcycle glasses at walmart which is such a good place for you to buy things because of the various choice, suitable price and good quality. You could base on your hobby and favor to choose the suitable one with suitable color and perfect design. You could also search other types of glasses which may attract your eyes.

  • Um... Actually Kaylee, eye color DOES change over time. It's not a matter of opinion, it's scientific fact. But if you have darker eyes, it may be harder to detect. I have hazel eyes and some days they are a dark yellowish brown (aka amber or golden) and some days they are a lighter seafoam green with some yellow flakes and sometimes they are a dark olive green. It can some times change depending on lighting and what colors you wear or if you have a tan.

    Many babies are actually born with light color eyes (I was born with blue eyes) and after about 3 months to a year old their eyes get darker and will usually stay that color most of the time. The Iris, like the skin and hair, has melanin which decides the pigmentation (color). Exposure outside in the sun with out uv protection sunglasses over time could cause the eyes to darken a few shades (kinda like a tan on the skin or when your hair lightens in the sun). Sometimes if you have an illness of the eyes (like glaucoma or cataracts) it could cause the pigment to lighten. Some people also believe that a raw food diet may help lighten your eye color. Pretty much the only people whose eye color cannot change are true albinos because they have absolutly NO pigmentation and do not tan but burn easily. People with very dark eyes might not experience this as well due to too much pigmentation making it difficult to see any changes.

    Another odd pigmentation fact about pregnancy, scientist have found that after a woman has her first child her hair permanently darkens a shade or two(though sometimes it's unnoticeable). It's believed to be cause by hormones.

  • Of course no, crying too much can just make your eyes red and swell up. There is nothing to do with a black eye. A black eye is most commonly caused by something hitting the eye or nose. Either one or both eyes may be blackened depending on where you get hit. Other types of trauma to the head can cause black eyes, including skull fractures. So you should check out what is the reason, and then have a treatment. For example, you should have a good Rest and put some ice early after the injury. It will help to decrease swelling and pain. Besides, you must protect the area from further injury by avoiding athletic or other possibly injurious activities until the eye has healed.

  • There do exist small tools specifically for removing lenses, which resemble small plungers made of flexible plastic; the concave end is raised to the eye and touched to the lens, forming a seal stronger than that of the lens with the cornea and allowing the lens to be removed from the eye. But it is not very convenient to buy it .many shops do not sell this kind tools. Considering the material, i think it will not be very expensive guess it will be under $10.i wish my information can help you!!