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  • The feeling of seeing double images of one object sucks and needs to take seriously. Double vision, so called diplopia, is usually caused by the partial function loss of the vision system. I mean, cornea, eye muscle, lens, brain or nerve problems affect the continue functioning of the vision system. Specifically, shingles or herpes zoster of the cornea will distort the affected eyes. A study on Apr.8. 2013 has found there is a relationship between the rheumatoid arthritis and diplopia. Reading more from the attached link. According to them, the female patients are easier to have rheumatoid arthritis and experience double vision then the male. What is more, the possibility that both symptoms occur at the same time grows with ages, and highest at 49.59% at 60 or more.

  • No, you'd better not sleep with your mascara which will be very bad for your eyelashes. Your eyelashes will fall out easily because of the stimulating irritates. You should better wash the face clearly before you go to bed. If you want to make the eyelashes grow again, you could adopt the vitamin E on the surface of the eyelashes.

  • Many cases can cause red eyes after workout. Commonly, most of bloodshot is resulted from dry eyes and broken blood vessel of eyes. In a gym with air-condition, your eyes focus on coach and your body. You forget to blink eyes and the airflow evaporate tears quickly. To prevent dry eyes, drink plenty of water before and during workout. Broken blood vessel of eyes is subconjuctival hemorrhage. Certain exercise, like lifting weights, will increase blood pressure and burst tiny blood vessels in the white of eyes. You do not worry about, the redness will be absorbed by body. Within a few days, it will be ok.

  • Yep! Potatoes can good for your eyes. Because there have so many amylase in the potatoes which can reduce the swelling. It also has another major benefit: Get rid of black eye. It usage is straightforward. Every day before you go to sleep, revived tried eyes in 10 minutes by cover each eye with a slice of potatoes.

  • Ok, it seems that you are quite interested in those welding goggles . So, anyway, as you can see, those goggles could protect your eyes against those welding flashes, which are quite dazzling. And it is true that those welding goggles could prevent your eyes from hurting by the sunshine. As sunshine is far less superior to flashes. However, it would not be a wise choice for you to wear those goggles in public, which could make you look like a nerd and freak.

  • You can drip some artificial tears or eye drops to alleviate the dry and sore feeling. Blink your eyes more to keep your eyes moist. Do not spend a long time in manipulating computers or reading, after about one hour, take a break and relax your eyes. Pay attention to the ocular hygiene and wash hands frequently. Do not rub your eyes and avoid wearing contact lenses in this case. In addition, try not to use the air conditioner or air heating, place a humidifier in the room to add moisture to air that is too dry. You can also add your consumption of foods rich of vitamin A, vitamin C, vitamin E and vitamin B1 in your daily diet to supplement the eyes with necessary nutrition.

  • A corneal ulcer is an open sore on the cornea, which is the clear front window of the eye. The cornea covers the iris and the round pupil, as a watch crystal covers the face of a watch. A corneal ulcer usually results from an eye infection, though it can be caused by severe dry eye or other eye disorders. Signs of a corneal ulcer are usually obvious, especially if the ulcer is deep. It includes, tearing, eye discharge, white spot on the cornea. What is more, eye vision is sometimes impaired, and it may be tearing and red. It may also hurt to look at bright lights.

  • Yes. It is possible to cause red eyes because of high blood pressure. One of my friend said that his father suffers from red eyes caused by high blood pressure. Some people also called high blood pressure as hypertension in a medical way. If you have such problems, you'd better see a doctor and do something to reduce your blood pressure. Best wishes.

  • As a mother, I have experienced such a problem. When my baby was one month old, he got blocked tear duct. At the beginning, I do not know what it is and I had not sent him to a doctor. When he was one month old, his eyes get lots of discharge that glues eyes shut and eyelashes together. I was frightened. I just was a warm and wet cloth to clean the eyes whenever see discharge and it lessens over time. Around 20 days later, it clear itself. So I think the blocked tear duct will clear itself. If it hasn't completely dissipated by the time your child is 12 to 18 months, she may need surgery.

  • No. The only way is to get new lenses or a new pair of eyeglass.You can tell your store where you purchased the problem and ask for a refund or exchange. If they do not reply to you, just contact your credit card company and tell them the problem you have met, then they will try to get your money back. Remeber not to use any superglue.