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  • There are some different reasons that will cause eye pain when you blink eyes. I would like to suggest you to visit an eye doctor. If you have very serious eye pain, you'd better go to an emergency room for more rapid evaluation. According to your description, maybe your eyes are scratched on the cornea, or the pain is caused by conjunctivitis which can be caused by either viruses or bacteria etc. So, the best way is to see eye doctor so as to know what happen to your eyes.

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  • I don't believe that myopia is genetic. I think they are mostly because of the living environment and your life style as well as your habit. In my family, my parents have very good vision, so do my grandfather and grandmother, but i am still get myopia since i am in middle high school. So, myopia is not inherit from parents. And a study shows that people who like playing computer games are more likely suffer myopia. That is too say, your lifestyle is more important than genetic to get myopia.

  • I think in your situation, you can use color enhancing contacts with brown or green color. Because in this way, you're blue eyes will be bluer and they also make the color of your eyes more natural. However, you should be cautious in your decision to wear these color contact lenses. For some individuals, due to certain eye conditions may not be able to wear them. And you must follow the correct procedures to make sure your colored eye contacts are clean and sterile.

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  • You can see with a detached retina in a short time. If you don't treat it, you'll loss some vision gradually and then you only can see a hole dark world. No any color, no any light. Retinal detachment can often be treated. It maybe within 24 hours or within a few days. Most people go home the same day as the operation but some people may need to stay in hospital for a day or two days. All of this based on individual body quality and immune system. So receive a treatment as soon as possible.

  • Prisms do not change the focus of a lens, but shift an image laterally, vertically or diagonally as required, so that if your eyes will not line up, the images will.
    Suppose a right eye tended to look 5 degrees to the right of its partner. What the left eye saw as straight ahead, the right eye would see as 5 degrees to the left of straight ahead: double vision. (draw it on paper if it helps)
    a prism shifting the image 5 degrees would let the right eye agree with the left as to what "looked " straight ahead, *even though the eyes were not straighter than before.

    In practice the prisms do not usually have to be in front of the non-straight eye, as long as the total amount of prism is appropriate and, for appearance, often half the prism is placed in each eye, to produce the same total effect.

    If you still have some double vision or eyestrain, even with best prisms, consider and consult as to whether a back-up pair of glasses with one side frosted or blacked out might not be restful for occasional use. Experiment with a folded piece of paper to cover one eye if you like...

  • Well, knowing the causes helps you to take care of yourself. A low blood sugar, dehydration and improper breathing usually lead to the dizzy sensation, especially when you work out before eating breakfast or missing meals. Orthostatic hypotension can occur then. As we all know, our body use sugar as a fuel source to assist our normal activities. Also, the low blood sugar affects people in various ways, commonly like dizziness, weakness, blue mood of vulnerable individuals, or even arrhythmia. What is more, although it can be relieved easily, it may cause shock without timely rescue. In addition, drinking plenty of fluids or eating fruit can add energy and make you feel better soon. It is wise to eat a snack before exercise next time.

  • Sorry to hear that. Eye twitching is a repetitive and usually uncontrollable blinking of the eyelid. Usually eye twitching is not violated and people suffering from tiredness and stress and consuming caffeine can be lovers of eye twitching. Minor eye twitching is painless and harmless and it may goes away on its own without any treatment. But you should know that eye twitching can become chronic and permanent if it is left untreated for a long period of time. Causes of eye twitching are dry eye, pink eye, minor eyelid twitch, blepharospasm, fatigue, etc. Twitching eyes are usually not permanent if you get them treated in time. Botulinum toxin and Botox are the most commonly used medicine for twitching eyes. And if your twitching eyes get worse, medications like Clonazepam, Lorazepam and Trihexyphenidyl are recommended for your treatment. Acupuncture, hypnosis, biofeedback, chiropractic and nutrition therapy are all effective treatments for your twitching eyes too. You can have a try.

  • It is natural. First nose pain is followed watery eyes. Well, there is a nasal passage between nose and eyes, through which tears flow down. But when nose gets hit, some other fluid might block the path, so the tear can only flow out through eyes. Have you ever had that experience, when you apply eye drops, it might flow out your nose or even in your mouth. Because eyes, nose and mouth are connected by a common path, nasal passage.