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Category: Eye Doctor

111 r Boecklin
Strasbourg,Alsace 67000

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  • Generally speaking, a low level of calcium may cause problems to some other part of the human body such as bones, blood pressure and have not very much side effect on the eyes. However, if the level of calcium is too high, it may deposit in the eyes and lead to several eye problems. The deposits of calcium can form in three different places in the eye and cause correspondent eye diseases, that is, in the cornea, conjunctiva and retina. The cornea will exhibit calcium deposits in a condition known as band keratopathy that block the blood vessels in the eyes. The conjunctiva will exhibit calcium deposits in the form of concretions which will lead to the degeneration of cells in the conjunctiva. And the deposit of calcium in the retina can lead to calcific plaques in the retinal arteries through which the plaque is transported until it reaches an artery that is too small for it to pass through and becomes lodged in the wall of that artery.And if the artery is large enough, it can cause vision loss. Therefore, you had better consult your doctor to decide what amount of calcium you can take in everyday in case of causing any discomfort.

  • Eye infection can be easily judged. Commonly eye infection accompanies eye pain, eye irritation, redness, be sensitive to light, burning, itchy in eyes. Eye pain and my eyes are watery are the most important signs to judge eye infection. When you occur eye infection, you must stay away from allergies sources, such as cat, dust, bacteria and germs.

  • Yes, the anxiety will cause your ptosis because of the nerves fluctuations. When you have the great move on the mood, you will find that your eyes will be affected too. The skin will be affected too. Thus, you'd better keep the calm state to keep the health in both body and eyes. If you have the anxiety, you should use the hand to smooth the skin around the eyes to avoid the ptosis.

  • Generally speaking, a red ornament is a way for sexy looking, red sunglasses is with no exception. People will spot you easily in the crowd. But whether it will looks sexy on you depends on how you dress up yourself with them.

  • Hello, if your eyes have small foreign objects and you feel painful and it could not come out, it may cause serious problems. Suggestion: No matter what is the foreign body is, do not rub your eyes and use clean water to clean your eyes or go to the hospital for an eye check. Ophthalmologist doctors will help you wash your eyes with salt water to prevent form infection.

  • Yes of course. As you can see, Coach is an American brand which is famous for making leather products and they hold a high reputation in the world for their great quality and nice design. Anyway, they are now making a wide range of products, ranging from bags to sunglasses for men. So, you can find a lot of their sunglasses available on the market. Typically, a pair of their sunglasses is about 300 dollars.

  • After you get the sinus surgery, the eye nerves will to some degree be affected. The eyes are so weak parts in the whole body which may get the infection. That is why you get the watery eyes which will make your eyes look shining. You could use some eye drops with anti-inflammation to release the symptom. In addition, you could use the warm compress to make your eyes feel better.

  • So far, i never heard that blocked tear duct cause ear infection. But tear ducts may cause some ear problems. Tears can clean the eyes and keep our eyes moist. And they are produced by tear glands all the time and flows down across the surface of the eyes. However, If you suffered from tear duct, the tears can drain out from your eyes, then it may flow down a tube into your nose or throat. It may go through into your ear and thus cause some ear problems

  • I don't think it will be good thing to get chlamydia.As u may know,chlamydia is usually caused by sexual action.And it is right that this kind of disease can absolutely cause red sore eyes.But u can't make sure if u get chlamydia just by ur red sore eyes.U have to understand that there r still some other reasons that can cause ur red sore eyes such as eye fatigue,eye strain and so on.For ur own sake,u had better go to see an eye doctor.

  • Yes, of course. It is so fashionable for women to wear the black glasses in recent years if you choose the proper one. Good communication skills, organizational capacity and collaboration capability are the characters of women with black glasses. Just don't forget coordinating the clothes well. You can have a try at stylish black glasses.