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  • Yes, sometimes, you need to clean your eyes for some reasons. Usually, If you suffers from some debris in your eyes, you may need clean your eyes. And except common eye drops, some people even need chemical eyewash or medical attention. If you suffer eye problems and don't have eye drops by hand to clean your eyes, you can use clean water or saline solution to clean your eyes.

  • Yes, it is very possible for people with severe myopia. Because when bungee jumping, people would fall down with accelerated speed of 9.8meters per second. It is easy to make people with serious myopia to have amotio retinae and encephalemia for most of the time the jumper is head-down gestured. It is an exciting sports which is not suitable for people with brain or heart problem. In your case, your myopia is mild. It should be OK. Meanwhile you should also check your disease history, is there any problem with your heart or brain to make ensure you are OK with this stimulative sports. Anyhow, I dare not to jump it. The best of luck!

  • Well, for your situation, I have to say that you should not be worried too much. And just calm down. And you should know that water and oil do not mix. And if you use water, it will drive the oil in more deeply and can make the burning sensation worse. And according to some researches, you can put vegetable oil at the edge of a napkin and then touch it to the corner of the eye. And also, you can just pour some vegetable oil in the palm of one hand and use the index finger of the other hand to get the oil into the eye. In that way, it will just make your eyes feel better. Finally, wash your eyes carefully. It will be fine.

  • Calcium deposits are usually caused by underlying health conditions that increase the amount of calcium produced by the body. This may include excessive vitamin D intake, renal complications, lupus, hyperthyroidism or a simple genetic inheritance. Calcium deposits are often not problematic, but deposits that are particularly irritable may be removed through surgery.Surgery for the removal of a calcium deposit in the eye is generally successful, and it is carried out using a topical anesthetic. The process involves scraping the calcium deposits away, using a surgical laser to smooth the lens of the eye and restoring normal vision if it is required.Some natural remedies include rinsing the eyes with washes composed of olive oil or aloe vera, but they are not considered effective by medical professionals.

  • I have had double vision for three 1/2 months after horizontal eye muscle surgery. Can't see very well with fresnel lenses either. Need to see a specialist asap...trying to get an appointment.

  • Most people are already aware of the most obvious drawbacks of having to wear glasses, such as distortion, reduced field of view, expense, poor appearance, inconvenience, reduced vision because of dirt or rain on the glasses, etc. However, the most serious effect is that will cause increasing myopia.

  • Do you use cosmetics? Your eyelashes keep breaking may due to your mascara dosage. What is worse than it is that you use eyelash curler consistently incorrectly, which also hurt your eyelash. As a result, the lashes become a lot shorter and are all stubby depending on how much you use of mascara and how frequent you use your lash curler! See your product instructions. Well, nothing more than mascara has to be definitely waterproof. There is no doubt that it brittles your lashes, or even cause breakage. I suppose that you can use some promote (re)growth stuff called Talika eyelash gel, or something have the same function products on the market. They may expensive, but at least they are relative.

  • Not exactly, but what you should know is that the light is a an important factor to be considered whenever we are using our eyes, no matter reading, watching TV, using computer or even in our habitable room. Dazzling bright light should definitely be avoided. It's too strong a stimulation to the eyes and will soon lead to eye fatigue. On the contrary there may be no enough light be reflected into our eyes in dim light, and we need to try to see figures clearly, which also increases the burden of eyes. Ideally, the light is mild. If you are reading under an energy saving bulb, the surrounding shouldn't be dark also, which is too distinct a contrast. There is a particular kind of eye-protection lamp, especially good for children-using, which is characterized with a high frequency provided by variable frequency electronic ballast, with the power of 30w~40w, frequency of 6000Hz~8000Hz.

  • I think you'd better wear a pair of suitable sunglasses. And the sunglasses must be of high quality. I think the fake sunglasses can't protect your eyes too. You'd better watch this video first and then you will understand the quality of a pair of sunglasses is very important in protecting your eyes when you are playing with bb guns. And the bb gun is very dangerous, don't let the children to play with it. If they use it to shot other people intently for fun, it may cause big problems.

  • P.S WHats mean " alcohol which contains a lot of stimulating material" because I read many stupidity but this is one of the best.