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Birkenhead Optometrists

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Category: Eye Doctor

Shop 12 Highbury Shopping Centre Birkenhead
Auckland,North Island

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  • About Birkenhead Optometrists

Birkenhead Optometrists provide a full range of optometry services.

This includes general vision examinations, both hard and soft contact lenses, optical dispensing & retail optometry services.

Our routine vision examination includes digital retinal photography, glaucoma screening and where necessary computerised visual field analysis.

No extra costs associated with reusing your current spectacle frames. Can be done without you having to do without your spectacles.

We deal with all insurance companies.

Winz quotes available.

Drivers Licence certificates.

Independently owned, competitive pricing.

Opposite Countdown in Highbury Shopping Centre.

Call now to make an appointment or visit the website for more information.

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  • Most eye drops will have the side effects that they will have a little bit of sting or burn. So it is normal to feel sting after putting them in. it will take one week or 10 days to completely get rid of it.

  • Actually, you need to go to your eye doctors' and he will measure a few things truly vital for your eyes, they are diopters, pupilary distance, pupil height and left-right eye asymmetry. If any of these characteristics is wrong, you will not have a clear vision. Using such wrong reading eyeglasses, these mean headaches, blurry vision or tearing if you use them for a longer time, even half hour. The worst part is that your eyes will get tired more quickly than with prescription eyeglasses. So your diopters will grow faster in time.

  • Yes, there are of course a lot of home remedies for your thyroid eye disease. This eye disease can be especially happened among adolescent and adult patients with mild younger. It can only show the eyelid late fall, retreat rabbit eye and eyelid pure exophthalmos or exophthalmos with different degree of hyperthyroidism by controlling the hyperthyroidism in the early stage The moderately active disease include the continuous eyelid, eyelid shrinking, late fall exophthalmus and some soft tissue. You could take notice of such disease. You could use the eyes drops at home with anti-inflammation to help you get rid of the coming bacterium. You could also use the warm compress home remedy by finding the hot water and clean cloth to make your eyes feel comfortable and release the symptom of thyroid eye disease. You should keep doing the above ways which will eventually help you release the outstanding eyeballs and get rid of the inner invisible bacterium in the eyes.

  • Yes, your watery eyes may be caused from the high blood pressure. Once you get the high blood pressure, your eyes may be affected to some degree. Your eyes pressure may not be stable. Your eyes may be easily dry which will make you feel not comfortable. Your eyes may sometimes get red which you need to pay attention to. You need to use the warm compress to release the symptom of watery eyes.

  • Firstly, we all have known that too much sugar in diet can lead to diabetes. While diabetes affects eyesight very much. Sometimes blurry vision is also possible to be caused by diabetes. Now some bad side effects are listed to help you know more about how sugar to ruin our health. Sugar can suppress your immune system and upset the mineral relationships in the body. Sugar also can increase reactive oxygen species, which can damage cells and tissues. Also, sugar can reduce the body’s ability to defend against bacterial infection. According to these bad effects, the one should have sugar in a proper quantity. Avoiding eating high sugar foods. Doing exercises in daily life to reduce high pressure in blood vessels and cells.

  • It depends on the girl, some do and some don't. I find that most girls don't look that great in just regular frames but if they change their frames to something more unique yet stylish or get contacts it usually helps. But again, depends on what she looks like.

  • Yes, pregnancy can cause eye twitching. Because eye twitching during pregnancy can be caused by the stress of being pregnant, lack of sleep, and the fatigue. Usually eye twitches during pregnancy only last for a short time, but sometimes for several days. And in extreme cases eye twitches for weeks can happen. To treat it, one other factor to consider is whether your body is dehydrated or not because dehydration can definitely contribute to eyelid spasms, especially during pregnancy. It’s good to drink adequate amounts of water during pregnancy. This will be good for baby and the mother.

  • Bring a list of any prescription or non-prescription medications you are currently taking or that you took on a regular basis in the past. Include vitamins, herbs and other non-traditional remedies you may use. Include the dosages you take for each medicine or other substance, and how long you have been taking them. Also, be sure to bring a copy of your vision insurance card and any other medical insurance cards you have if you are seeking insurance coverage for a portion of your fees. Finally, prepare and bring a list of questions or concerns that you would like to discuss with the doctor. And if you are interested in specialty services such as contact lens fitting or laser surgery evaluation, be sure to mention this — both when you schedule your exam and when you check in on exam day.