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  • About Occhiali Optical

Occhiali is home to big name fashion designers like Paul Smith, MARNI, Tom Ford, Chloe, and Marc Jacobs as well as boutique collections like L.A. Eyeworks, Anne et Valentin, Cutler & Gross, Moscot, Ksubi and Barton Perriera.We source eyewear both locally and internationally to ensure we're up-to-date with trends and offering Aucklanders the very best. We have experienced opticians and optometrists to ensure all your visual needs are met.

Our priority is always giving great advice, fantastic eyecare and finding the right eyewear for both your face and personality

Occhiali has been improving the vision and dressing the faces of fashionable Aucklanders for over fifteen years.

Eyewear aficionado Lynne Parker, Dispensing Optician Sue Cathersides & Optical Consultant Brittney Woolley can be found in Newmarket’s stylish Nuffield Street, among the frames that they hand picked for Occhiali from around the world. Their uncanny ability for knowing the perfect frame to suit your face shape and knowledge of the latest trends make them the ‘go-to girls’ for fashionistas in the know.

Optometrist and co-owner Adele Ralston is such a great multi-tasker she can be found at both Occhiali stores. We haven’t cloned her (although we wish we could) she just alternates her time between Ponsonby and Nuffield Street. Her qualifications and knowledge means she can provide you with the best information about your vision and ocular health.

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  • Lazy eye, known as amblyopia, is an eye condition that vision be reduced and can not correct with eye glasses or contact lenses. When you have lazy eye, it means that there is something wrong with the connection of your eye and brain. Usually it affects one eye. I have lazy eye too, but I find no problem in driving. So it not true people with lazy eye can not dry. But you lazy eye are very serious and have affect your vision, it is another story. You can't drive if you can not see clear the ground in front of you. Vision therapy is an effective method to help with your lazy eye, you should have a try. Lazy eye should be detect as young as possible, because it can be reversed in a early age.

  • It reduces accommodative power of your eyes temporarily. What it means that you can't focus on near objects for a short duration. You can't get a clear image of the near object but you will definitely notice them. reading and doing fine close work will be difficult but that does not mean visual inattention.

  • Are you sure you write the right number? We can%u2019t help you read your PD because we think you may write the wrong number. Maybe, you can send your prescription to us through Email and we can help you analyze your prescription, including PD. Email:

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  • Kid, you can have regular eye exams. In this way if there are any problems with your eyes your eye doctor will tell you timely and help you to treat them. You can also wear appropriate sunglasses to block UV and blue light when you go out. We all know that UV and blue light may cause eye damage. You can eat fruit and nuts every day. You can also tell your grandpa to keep his blood pressure and cholesterol under control. Many elder people may have these problems. Ask him to do regular exercise and control weight with you for this can help manage your blood pressure and cholesterol and further prevent the aging eyes.

  • Although the stye and pink eyes have the similar symptom of redness of eyes from the appearance, they are different at several ways. First of all, pink eyes are contagious which will infect to other people through the direct touch or something. While the stye is not. Secondly, their appearance after 3 or 5 days is different. The pink eyes' main symptom is redness of the eyes. And the stye is the points in the eyes which like the needles in the eyes. After 3-5 days, pus point form will be shown outside the stye pus point on the skin surface. The sty pus point is in palpebral conjunctiva. The pus point wears out after inflammation subsided rapidly. However, they may be both infected through the invisible bacterium. The eyelid glands acute suppurative inflammation is often caused by a staph infection, depending on the affected gland tissue and divided into sty department within and outside. The eyelash hair follicle and sebaceous gland inflammation are in the sty for meibomian gland which is with acute suppurative inflammation. You need to protect the eyes carefully.

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  • Well, first, you should the difference between progressive lenses and bifocal lenses. As we know that by wearing bifocal lenses, it can achieve the most favorable balance between near vision and distant vision all in one convenient pair of glasses. So in other words, they are designed for someone who need both near and farsighted vision aids. On the other hand, progressive lenses are very different for they are multi-focal lenses. So that they are able to focus points from far to near. If you have progressive lenses, it is likely to have all the field of vision, such as distant, intermediate, or near things. But you should take some time to adjust to them. But in my opinion, progressive lenses are better then bifocal lenses. So maybe you can have a try.

  • If you belong to the left eye dominant, that means that your visual input is from left eye to the right one. The number of people with left eye dominant is less than those with right eye dominant ones. It is all controlled by the hemisphere of brain. It is to some degree similar to the laterality of right or left handedness. Usually the side of the dominant eye and the dominant hand do not always match because both hemispheres control both eyes. However what side of your eye dominant does not affect your vision. That is to say, left eye dominant does not mean they have better vision in their left eyes. They just input the vision from the left eyes. The both eyes vision will not be affected. If your eyes vision is affected, you could do some measures to improve it through the diet and rest.