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Optik Eyecare

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2A Gillies Ave Newmarket
Auckland,North Island 1023

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2A Gillies Ave Newmarket Auckland,North Island 1023

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  • About Optik Eyecare

Optik Eyecare is a world class eyecare and eyewear solutions group. Buy contact lenses through our online store or book an appointment to have your vision tested by one of our trusted optometrists. We pride ourselves on being 100% New Zealand owned.

Our two full-service optometry practices are located in Newmarket and Pukekohe. These practices provide a range of eyecare services including eye examinations, eye health screening, drivers license screening, fashion frames, contact lenses and solutions, optical dispensing and fitting, sales and aftercare.

Our highly trained optometrists are available 6 days a week to provide comprehensive eye examinations using some of the most advanced clinical technologies available in New Zealand.

Optik was the first to implement the Zeiss GDx for the early detection of glaucoma. We also routinely use retinal cameras to help screen for eye diseases and for eye changes associated with systemic diseases like diabetes.

During an eye examination your optometrist will fully assess the quality of your vision and will discuss the appropriate forms of correction, if required, encompassing a multitude of spectacle lens and contact lens options.

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