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Visique Shattky on Russell Optometrists

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116 Russell St
Hastings,North Island

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116 Russell St Hastings,North Island

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Visique Shattky Optometrists is a group of professional, friendly optometrists with practises in Hastings and Waipukurau. We deliver world class eye care and eyewear for your lifestyle

Our Visique Shattky on Russell Optometrists practise in Hastings has been operating for over 100 years and its success has been built on a long standing reputation for top quality eye products and service.

Visique Shattky Optometrists group also offer plenty of choice for our valued clients. Choose from the best quality contact lenses and a fabulous range of glasses, from great value yet stylish frames to teh most sought after designer brands.

Our commitment is to provide our valued customers with:

the best eye care

the best eye wear

... and always the very best of service!

Vision Link

Find out more about how we can help kids with improved performance at school with reading and spelling through our Vision Link specialist behavioural optometry therapy

Care Credit

Ask our friendly staff about CareCredit, an affordable patient finance credit facility that spreads your cost allowing you to receive the best treatment today while deferring payment over time. Creditline cards are simple to use and can be swiped through an Eftpos machine. The cards provide 100 days interest free deferred payment at no cost. This is an amazing service and is very popular as patients receive nearly four months to pay. Shattky Optometrists Group - commited to offering you the very best in eye care and eye wear.

Orthok / Ortho K / Ortho-K / paragon CRT / CRT/ Orthokeratology / contact lenses / alternative to laser surgery /

freedom from glasses

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  • Actually, the doctor will use a machine called phoropter to test your eyes. Moreover, there is a chart, on which there are a lot of letters with different size. If you can not see clearly, you more or less need a pair of eyeglasses to correct your vision.

  • In order not to make your face appear so long, you shouldn't choose the long, narrow and rectangular frames but select wide, square frames with low bridge and depth from top to bottom. Blue and brown will suit your white skin best.

  • It will not be weird. I see many people do such make up when they are out. Making the fake eye lashes will make your eyes look bigger and attractive because the glasses used for the vision may cover this point. I think such combination is OK which will make you not look nerd when just wearing the glasses.

  • When you are tired, your eyes nerves will be loose too. Your eyes may not see things in the clear image. That is why you rub your eyes to see things clearly. However, rubbing eyes too much will cause the redness of the eyes. What's worse, the eyes may get infection because of the coming bacterium which is invisible. You could use the warm compress to release the symptom.

  • If you choose sunglasses for wearing overcast day, you can choose yellow, orange, amber and brown tints for your sunglasses lenses. Yellow and orange lenses can increase contrast especially in a hazy, foggy and low light conditions. So, wearing yellow/orange sunglasses can provide your clear and better vision. Besides, amber and brown lenses can also be good choices because they can reduce block blue light and brighten vision on cloudy days. You can choose anyone of then that can flatter you. Hope this help you.

  • Sometimes when you run or do some other sports, you blood pressure will get high and the circulation of your blood will increased, it may be some kind normal. But if is very red and very serious, you may have the eye problem of red eye, which is an inflammation or infection of the eyes, so you need to go to see the doctor and have some tests.

  • It sounds like hardly worthy of belief, but it's really possible to have two different eye colors. It's an unusual situation named heterochromia. In reality, our eye color is determined by the distribution of pigments. Hence, all the factors which influence this distribution will finally give rise to different eye colors. Professional terms called Binocular Heterochromia and Uniocular Heterochromia. There are two major reasons, one is presented by heredity, and the other stems from environment effects. I can even cite an instance for you. Jane Seymour, American actress, playing a famous role in "Live and Let Die", who have different eye colors, one hazel and one green. Besides, there are more persons who have different eye colors, you can check out online if you have interest.

  • If you want to make your eyes look shining without make up, you can use to wear the contact lenses. I think the colored contact lenses may let you get that effect more. You could have a try. Basing on your original color of eyes, you may choose the suitable colored contact lenses to make your eyes look bigger and shining.

  • If you have checked your eyes recently and found no eye problems, then the blurry vision may be caused by eye strain or fatigue. That is to say, if your eyes work too long, such as staring at a computer screen, then you will have blurry vision intermittently. In this case, your eyes should have enough rest, then your blurry vision will disappear.

  • It does feel uncomfortable when you first wear hard contacts. You can try to increase the wearing time like 15 or 30 mimutes or day by day, but don't make big jumps, then you should wear them longer.