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Harrington Eyecare

Harrington Eyecare

03-547 9160

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528 Main Rd Stoke
Nelson,South Island

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528 Main Rd Stoke Nelson,South Island

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  • About Harrington Eyecare

At Visique Harrington Eyecare we have a team of qualified optometrists skilled in assessing your vision and eyecare needs, fitting of contact lenses and able to identify potential sight threatening conditions such as glaucoma, diabetes and macula degeneration. All of our sites have specialized optometric equipment to enable images of the inside of the eye to be captured and used for comparisons at future visits. All the locations also have the ability to test an individuals visual field which is used to assess and monitor glaucoma. Our optometrists are backed up by experienced dispensing opticians and optometric assistants to assist you with finalizing your eyewear selection.

Our range of services & products at Visique Harrington Eyecare include:
Frames for glasses:
Visique Harrington Eyecare has a vast arrange of fashionable and functional eyewear, with the ability to cater for most pockets. Our ranges are refreshed frequently and we are proud to bring the latest European styling to the Nelson Bays region. From labels like Gucci, Dior, and Hugo Boss to Adidas and Esprit we have a style of frames to fit anybody. Our frame stylists are very experienced and are only to happy to help you attain the look you want.

Lenses for glasses:
Now that you're looking good in your chosen frames, consider your eyes and what they'll be looking through every day. We can offer a wide range of options for different types of lenses.Some of these include:

- Thinner and lighter lenses,

- Lenses which look good but have safety features,

- Transition lenses which darken in the sun and lighten indoors,

- Anti-reflective coatings to improve lens clarity & Polarised sunwear.

Contact Lenses:
If you are wishing to have the freedom of not having to use glasses to see, contact lenses could be the solution you are looking for. All of our optometrists are well experienced in fitting contact lenses. While the bulk of lenses used today are disposable and replaced on a reasonably frequent basis. We have the ability to fit contacts for eye conditions like keratoconus, high degrees of astigmatism and after corneal graft procedures. Often these conditions require fitting with a rigid gas permeable lens (RGP) and our optometrists are well versed in this skill.

We also have a vast range of frame options available if contact lenses are not for you.

Contact Visique Harrington Eyecare we take eyes and eye care seriously

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  • I have a square face. I have a broad forehead, square chin and strong horizontal jaw line. My optician suggests me to choose the frames which can make these architectural features shine. So I often try round or softer oval shapes to contrast the straight lines of my face. I think this website provide us more information about how to choose a pair of glasses that will fit for our face shape. Hope this is useful to you!

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  • Thanks for your interest in Firmoo. However, we are sorry to say that we don%u2019t have any optician in Spain.

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