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Visique Canon Street Optometrists

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26 Canon St
Timaru,South Island 7910

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  • About Visique Canon Street Optometrists

Who is Visique?

Visique is an established New Zealand network of independent qualified

optometrists who provide reliable and affordable eye care to all New Zealanders. Visique are 100% kiwi owned, and have been at the heart of New Zealand communities since 2000.

Why Visique?

Visique practitioners are committed to the highest quality professional eye care. We have a reputation for clinical excellence, and for spending quality time with customers, which allows our optometrists to understand their customers' individual needs and to advise them of the best solutions for them. Visique offer the best quality lenses and a fabulous range of eyewear, from great value yet stylish frames to the most sought after designer brands.

Visique's professional standards

Our professional standards seal means that you can trust in Visique's commitment to professionalism and quality.

• PROFESSIONALISM: We offer the most comprehensive eye tests and advice tailored to your individual needs

• EXCELLENCE: We invest in professional excellence, using the latest technology and the highest quality lenses

• TRUST: Because we've been your kiwi owed and operated optometrist for 10 years you can trust that the health of kiwi eyes is our top priority.

• FRAMES: We stock a fabulous range of frames, some of which are exclusive and only available through Visique optometrists. Whatever your style, glasses should be an accessory that complements and enhances your individuality, as well as being a comfortable fit and ensuring that you have the best vision possible.

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  • Generally speaking, most of the doctors will allow the patients to apply eye makeup 2 weeks later after lasik surgery. However, they still should be careful enough to remove the eye makeup safely in case it get into eyes to cause any problems. Just use a cotton ball to dip in the pure saline not saline solution and then gently wipe the eye makeup around your eyes with the cotton ball. When removing the eye makeup, You should be careful enough to prevent the eye makeup getting into your eyes.

  • It is not normal. And the papercut may hurt your eyes by hurting the corneal which is so weak. You'd better get it out of the eyes with the fingers. Then you'd better use the warm compress to make the eyes feel comfortable. In addition, you could also use some eye drops to eliminate the bacterium in the papercuts.

  • Glasses will cause inconvenience when kissing. I think wearing contacts is a good alternative, especially wearing cosmetic contacts. They'll make eyes look more beautiful and attractive.

  • Maybe you get your hyperopia or farsightedness recently. You'd better go to see your doctor and have your eyes checked.

  • Sometimes it is the overuse of the eyes that makes your eyes feel like something in there. If so, you should pay attention to allow adequate rest for your eyes, and be careful of your eye hygiene condition. In some other cases, feeling foreign objects in the eyes is also a common symptom of conjunctivitis. In this case, you should first of all go to the hospital to have an eye examination to find out the exact cause of your eye discomfort. And you should also pay attention to your eye rest and eye nutritions. Eat more vegetables and fruits to supplement the necessary nutrients for your eyes. If it is conjunctivitis, you should usually use boiled water to sterilize your washbasin and towel. Apply some correspondent eye drops to your eyes so as to reduce the discomfort in your eyes.

  • Yes, it is possible for you cause nausea because of photophobia. As we know, the nerves are interlinked in the whole body. When you have the photophobia which is not treated well, your other genes will be affected. Your constitution will be affected too. You'd better go to see the doctor and ask if there is the medical way to help you cure this.

  • Well, I can see that you are quite interested in the type of contact lenses that Swizzz wears, so as a matter of fact, he is one of the special hip pop singers in America. Anyway, sometimes he would like to wear some special contact lenses to appear weird and attract more and more fans. His contacts are called special crazy contact lenses, which is quite horrible and could be found at Amazon and Alibaba, you could see many more over these websites.

  • As usual, the experts suggest the old people not wear contacts because as we all know that the eyes of the old people are easily to get dry eyes, at the same time, their eyes are sensitive to the light. According to the test, the old people under 60 can wear contacts lenses; however, they cannot wear them for long time. As you know, when you wear contacts for long time, you will feel your eyes are very dry and you want to rub your eyes. If you do this many times, your eyes are easily to get infection because of the bacteria on your hand. In addition, when the old people looking at the strong light, the eyes often are sensitive to the eyes and this will result in the fact that our eyes cannot breathe enough oxygen. At last, there are more possibilities making our eyes hurt. Hope my opinion can help you.

  • Yes, the tonic water will let you increase the vitamin in your body. Your eyes twitching will be caused by the too much use of eyes in front of the computers or the tv. You may use the tonic water to moisture your eyes which may release the symptom of the twitching eyes. You should not watch the computer for a long time which may intensify your twitching eyes.

  • Yes, it's normal for someone has one eyelid lower than the other ones. So I think you should not worry about it. It's relatively common and not usually associated with anything else, but with the body structure. Because there is no two leaves which are perfectly same with each other. There are still no same eyelids. But if your case is serious, you may go and see a doctor. So that he can give you a exam and make sure your eyes are ok.