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About frameless eyeglasses

Frameless eyeglasses provide a minimalistic look in eyewear, making the glasses nearly invisible on the face. Lenses are joined together by the nose bridge only, attached directly to the inside of each lens with tiny screws. Hinges are connected in the same way to the outer edges, supporting the earpieces or arms. Plastic lenses are commonly used in frameless eyeglasses, also available as sunglasses.

Because they lack frames, frameless glasses can sustain damage more easily than other eyeglasses designs. This is nominally a result of the material used to produce the lenses. Although relatively durable inside of frames, CR-39 lacks impact resistance and cannot absorb the wear and tear of constant stress to the lenses caused by putting on, wearing, and removing glasses. For this reason, the implementation of polycarbonate, in addition to making frameless glasses even lighter, reduces the glasses’ fragility as polycarbonate can endure a great amount of stress and is highly impact resistant. To ensure both the longevity of the glasses and as a safety precaution, more optical labs are refusing to mount CR-39 lenses in rimless frames.

Frameless eyeglasses are easily to be damaged. Common accidents are glasses being stepped on, sat on and lenses getting scratched. So your eyeglasses provider probably included a hard case with your frameless glasses. Hard cases give the best protection. You can throw them in your purse or backpack and know your eyeglasses will be safe. Moreover, please do not keep your eyeglasses lenses down, it will get scratches easily.

There are a few important considerations when shopping for frameless eyeglasses. First, lens shape is most often rectangular or round with variants. If you buy frameless glasses online, most retailers offer guidelines for choosing a lens shape that will work well with your facial structure, including the ability to determine the best lens height and width for your face. You will also need to take a measurement to determine the best nose bridge width, and another for the earpiece length. Armed with these guidelines, you can sort eyeglasses by lens size, then look for the right bridge and arm length.