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Buy Cheap Escada Eyeglasses and Sunglasses in Latest Fashion

Escada eyeglasses are a product made by the House of Escada which was first established in Munich in 1976 as the dream of Margaretha and Wolfgang Ley. With a wholly owned fragrance company in Paris, Escada now has over 1,300 employees and owns all of its manufacturing facilities. In addition, there are branches of Escada in U.S., Canada, Britain, Italy, France, Spain, Japan and Asia. Escada eyeglasses could really be a good choice. Escada sunglasses are produced by the House of Escada which is a brand with decades of history. Nowadays, Escada sunglasses are popular among both the public and the celebrities. Some famous customers of Escada glasses include Kim Bassinger, Demi Moore, Angelica Huston, and Brooke Shields and so on. A typical Escada customer is supposed to be an international woman, whether she lives in Toronto, New York or London.More

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