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Buy Cheap Flexon Eyeglasses and Sunglasses in Latest Fashion

Flexon eyeglasses are quite unique when it comes to the frame material. Owned by Marchon Eyewear, this patented memory metal called Flexon is now widely used by a lot of eyewear manufacturers. Flexon eyeglasses are commonly considered to be extremely flexible and durable. In addition, the Flexon eyewear collection also uses a titanium based alloy that is 10 times more flexible than conventional metals. Developed by the Marchon Eyewear, Flexon sunglasses also incorporate the feature reflected by its name. Flexon sunglasses as well as eyeglasses all take use of the company's patented memory metal, Flexon. This frame material can revert to its original shape even after extreme bending. Flexon sunglasses are 25% lighter than conventional metal frames. Currently, these sunglasses also team with another patent called PolarizedPlus lens technology.More

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