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Can you make sunglasses with common frames?
Common frames with photochromic lens, tint lens or polarized lens can be used as sunglasses....
Do you offer prescription sunglasses?
Yes, there are two ways to buy prescription sunglasses: A. Sunglasses with prescription lenses. We have prescription and non-prescription sunglasses. Please visit here for details; B. Regular frames with lens color. You can also order photochromic lens, tint lens or polarized lens for regular glasses, they will work as sunglasses:...
Do you offer multifocal/progressive sunglasses?
Sorry we don't. Sunglasses can only be used for distance, not for reading, bifocal or progressive. However, you can select progressive prescription glasses with photochromic lens or tint lens, which works as sunglasses. Step 1: Choose a regular frame and then choose the Bifocal/Progressive option. Step 2: choose the lens color....
What index lens do you offer for sunglasses?
We offer 1.56 index lens for sunglasses. If you want to upgrade lens, please contact  However, the lens may not be as thin as you expect if you decide to upgrade them because the frame of sunglasses is generally large. So, if your prescription is strong, you are suggested to...
How to choose sunglasses?
a.The UV protection level is the most important factor. The sunglasses we offered at Firmoo are 100% protection or UV400, which means the lens can effectively block all harmful UV. b.Lens color: With darker lens color, it can block light more effectively. But it doesn't mean the UV protection level is...
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