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How do I find the perfect size of frame?
1. Measure your old pair of glasses to get the dimension which fits you the best. By having these numbers, you can easily find the closest match on our website. Please see the sketch for how to understand the measurements of a frame (2-3mm difference is acceptable).           ...
How to specify Frame dimensions/size?
If you already have a pair of glasses fit your face well, you may compare the measurements to help you find the suitable frames at our site. Usually, most eyeglasses brands print the measurements on the inside of the temple arm and the difference of the total width within 5mm is acceptable....
Frame Size and Strong Rx
When purchasing single vision eyeglasses, wearers with higher prescription strength should be aware that large frame with a wider lens is not recommended while smaller and narrower lens width will contribute to a thinner edge, lighter weight and greater comfort. a.   Applying higher index lenses (1.60 index and above) can solve the...
How to read eyeglasses size?
Standard numbers of eyeglass frame size Typically there will be three standard numbers imprinted on one of the temples or the bridge, indicating respectively the sizes of three frame parts. A typical example is 50-21-142. All sizes are marked in millimeter. a.   Lens size: The first number 50 represents the lens size, which is...
How to measure eyeglasses size?
  Step 1: Prepare a metric ruler Get a metric ruler that is capable of measuring millimeters, the universal unit of measurement set by worldwide frame manufacturers and opticians. Step 2: Place the frame properly  Place the frame on a smooth table or level surface. It is acceptable whether the arms are closed or...
Can I rely on the try-on function to pick frame size?
No. The try-on function is just for style reference, not size! ...
How to check if the frames can be made into bifocal/multifocal glasses?
Generally speaking, the frame height of bifocal/progressive lens must be at least 30 mm.  a.   Choose frames via this link for bifocal/progressive glasses. b.   Check the right side of product description, which states clearly if the frame can be made into bifocal/progressive glasses or not....
Do you offer children's glasses frames?
Yes, we have frames for children. Click here for kid's glasses:
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