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The instructions to run free glasses WITHOUT free shipping giveaway

a.  A general introduction to
b.  A link back to the homepage of

a: This giveaway is open to people who never purchase glasses at Firmoo.
b: Entrants need to comment on your giveaway post with the link to the glasses they like. (Compulsory)
c: Some other rules according to your needs can be set according to your Youtube/Instagram/Facebook/Twitter address submitted.

Five complete pairs of glasses at the specified page for your winners (5 different winners). The prize will be offered in the form of voucher after your giveaway end.
This voucher covers the frame with 1.50 index single vision lenses. The winner needs to pay the shipping depending on the country and handling fee.
The giveaway can be started as soon as your application submitted. Once your giveaway is alive, please submit the link to it and claim the prizes here, and then forward them to your winners.  
PS. According to previous cases, an impressive theme picture with several recommended pairs of eyewear and the duration time of no less than 7 days may help to run a giveaway successfully.
This giveaway can be also run together with your other styling post to increase interaction with your readers and enhance readership. And you can find our delivery range here.
Moreover, we will not pay for this giveaway nor send free product to bloggers as compensation.

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