<p>Customs duty is a tax levied on imports (and, sometimes, on exports) by the customs authorities of a country to raise state revenue, and/or to protect domestic industries from more efficient or predatory competitors from abroad.</p> <p>Customs duty is required in some countries occasionally.</p> <p>a. Once you are informed to pay duty fee (and if it is less than $20 USD), &nbsp;please pay it. Then send&nbsp;the invoice copy to&nbsp;<a href="https://www.firmoo.com/administrator_firmoo/service@firmoo.com">service@firmoo.com</a>,&nbsp;and we will reimburse you.</p> <p>b. If the duty fee is more than $20 USD and less than your order amount, please contact us first, so we can help and refund you half of the duty fee.</p> <p>c. If the duty fee is higher than your order amount, please don&#39;t pay for it and contact us first. We can help you reship the parcel.&nbsp;</p> <p><strong>Note: we won&#39;t reimburse for&nbsp;</strong><strong>customs</strong><strong> duty paid by customers without&nbsp;Firmoo&#39;s confirmation.&nbsp;</strong></p>
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