<div class="_help_font_site selected-art-author"> <p style="margin-left:18pt; margin-right:0cm">A certain amount of import duty may apply for some countries. For instance, the CSC (customs clearance charge) is required in some European countries. Please contact the local custom for a specific amount of CSC.</p> <p style="margin-left:18pt; margin-right:0cm">a. If you are informed to pay duty fee (less than $20 USD), &nbsp;please send&nbsp;the invoice copy to&nbsp;<a href="https://www.firmoo.com/administrator_firmoo/service@firmoo.com">service@firmoo.com</a>&nbsp;and we will refund you.</p> <p style="margin-left:18pt; margin-right:0cm">b. If the duty fee is more than $20 USD, you are suggested to contact us at first and we will help you to deal with it.&nbsp;&nbsp;</p> <p style="margin-left:18pt; margin-right:0cm">c. If the duty fee is higher than your order amount, please don&#39;t pay for it and contact us first. We can help you reship a new parcel.&nbsp;</p> <p style="margin-left:18pt; margin-right:0cm"><strong>Note: we won&#39;t compensate for&nbsp;</strong><strong>customs</strong><strong>&nbsp;duty paid by customers without&nbsp;Firmoo&#39;s confirmation.&nbsp;</strong></p> </div>
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