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    Strongly recommend Image Optometry!!!

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    Found really rude customer service. My husband was looking to buy sunglasses, so I held them to read the size written on the temple, and the asian worker who was pretending to be friendly just a minute ago, literally snatched

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  • Blindness is a so-called sex-linked characteristic, which means that it is a gene that occurs only on the X chromosome. It is passed to the child by the mother. But color blindness is not always inherited from parents. Color blindness can got through diseases, such as cataracts, which are the most common cause of acquired color deficiency.

  • Well, as a matter of fact, since blepharitis is quite serious and infectious, which could affect some other parts around your eyes. Therefore, it is possible that blepharitis could give rise to corneal ulcers , if it is not taken care of at a good time. This is possible because blepharitis would infect your cornea and eyeballs, so you need to pay due attention to deal with it before it is too late.

  • Of course, sinus infection is a factor of crusty eyes. Sinus congestion that can cause headaches, itchy throat and red, swollen itchy eyes. Sinus congestion is commonly due to bacteria infection and allergies. Home remedy is apply antihistamines which can help lessen the overproduction of tears and relieve redness in eyes. Go to see a doctor to comfirm your treatment option is the most safety way.

  • Well, in my opinion, you can just choose Native Eyewear which has a great selection and reputation in the world. And they are making a reasonably priced sport sunglass which also doesn't compromise on quality or fashion. Generally speaking, for this kind of sunglasses, their interchangeable lenses for all light conditions, protection against scratching can be the common function. What is more important is that they have polarized lenses which have 100% UVA and UVB protection, when you have sun glare. And that can be beneficial for you. Also, lightweight, yet flexible frames, adjustable nose pads and venting to reduce fogging and condensation can be perfect too. By the way, maybe Ray Ban sunglasses can be another good choice for you.

  • Regards to the person who has a short nose, I have some suggestions with the sunglasses wearing. The frame of sunglasses should be tiny and light colored. The exaggerative style may not be so suitable for you. If the frame is big and dark colored, it may seem that the nose was flattening by the heavy glasses. The exquisite and elegance sunglasses will drive people's attention to the decorations and brands of the sunglasses from your nose. Hope my suggestions are useful for you!

  • Well, it seems that you have a pair of hazel eyes, as far as I am concerned, I like hazel eyes quite a lot because they are modestly beautiful to me. So, as to your question, I feel that some light colors go well with your hazel eyes, such as brown, grey, white, yellow, or a mixture of these colors anyway. However, it makes more sense if your personal taste and preferences are taken into account. Why not try them on yourself?

  • I don't think so, i've never heard that prescription on the lenses can be told. But if you have strong power, the lenses might be thicker than the non prescription ones.

  • Dont listen them they knowledge in this field is on the same lvl as cat in brain dead state. All of them show purest stupidity and ignorance in medicine allergies really? maybe check information about eye. Backing to topic no its not because blood pressure dont have anything to vitreous, only in rare case when capiliares burst you can see blood as a floaters, but vitreous treat blood as a foregin object therefore blood will be absorbed

  • Well, in my opinion, it will be ok to use eye drops in your nose. And of course, it will not hurt your nose. But on the other hand, I do not think eye drops can just do a help for your nose, when your nose suffer from some problems. On the other hand, eye drops are designed to treat some eye problems, such as eye infection, puffy eyes. By using it, it will just relieve inflammation in your eyes.

  • It is possible for a glaucoma patient to undergo cataract surgery. However, there are risks to have cataract surgery and there are even higher risks if you have glaucoma. So before you go to have cataract surgery, you should talk with your surgeon about these risks and the benefits of the surgery.