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All Care Optometry

All Care Optometry

(604) 501-0900

Category: Eye Doctor

12827 76 Ave
Surrey,BC V3W 2V3

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12827 76 Ave Surrey,BC V3W 2V3

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All Care Optometry is found in All Care Medical Centre.  With a roster that includes specialist in family medicine, cardiology, optometry, geriatrics, diabetes management, pharmaceuticals and physiotherapy, they are the dream team of medicine and can be found at All Care Medical Centre.  The main focus here is on preventative medicine.


Established in 2010

"We took the time and effort to bring all these doctors together under one roof," said Family Practitioner, Dr. Jotinder Mann.  "Our bottom line is we just want people to get proper care".

Meet the Business Owner: Shailinder B.

Dr. Shailinder Bhullar, who studied Kinesiology at Simon Fraser University, later attended the New England College of Optometry in Boston, MA.  After watching a documentary on the lack of vision care around the world, Dr. Bhullar was inspired to work in theis fireld.  He is extremely passionate about serving the community and maintaining patient health through diet and exercise.

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  • Laser eye surgery has both advantages and disadvantages. After you have undergone laser eye surgery, your vision will be improved and glasses or contact lenses are not needed. This will also give you a good appearance. Laser surgery can correct myopia, hyperopia and astigmatism of all levels. The procedure of the surgery is very short (usually 10 minutes) and is painless. Since the surgery is controlled by a computer, it is highly precise and accurate. However, laser eye surgery has disadvantages. The result of the surgery depends on the condition of the patients. To some extent, the laser surgery will worsen your vision, for example night vision. If the patient has dry eyes, the surgery may deteriorate the condition. Before you receive eye surgery, you should communicate with an ophthalmologist on which kind of surgery is suitable for you.

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