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Eye Star Optical, Guildford Town Centre

Eye Star Optical, Guildford Town Centre (2283 Guildford Town Center

(604) 582-8843

Category: Optical Stores, Eye Doctor

2283 Guildford Town Center

Surrey, BC V3R7B9

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General Impression:

Excellent customer service and management! Staff are always friendly and helpful, will definitely purchase from them again.

07/23/2014 BY Michelle

General Impression:

Service was good but the female manager there was really rude to us and even her own worker who was helping us pick out frames. As a result, we refused to make our purchase there but instead went to a different store to buy.

04/15/2013 BY Anonymous

General Impression:

Found really rude customer service. My husband was looking to buy sunglasses, so I held them to read the size written on the temple, and the asian worker who was pretending to be friendly just a minute ago, literally snatched it away from me, saying we dont allow our customers to look at the model numbers. How rude.......! I felt so embarrassed, even if I were reading the model number, its not like I was gonna run away with their glasses. They should trust in their product, & not be so insecure :s! They need to findout if their goal is customer service or...increased sales..! Wouldn't go back to them.........!

05/23/2012 BY Roopy

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