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Costco Wholesale, Optical Centre (London, ON N6B)

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  • Wearing swim goggles is a safer way for you to see clearly both above the surface and underwater. If water gets in your eyes when swimming, you should remove, clean and disinfect your contact lenses as soon as possible to reduce your risk of eye irritation and infection

  • As a matter of fact, if you are gonna buy a pair of glasses, you should pay attention to your skin tone, as well as your overall style. You don't wanna wear a pair of weird glasses if you're a teacher, right? Here my advice is that you can consider colors such as grey, dark red, blue or black,better yet, pay a personal visit to a glasses store and try them on till you find a satisfactory one. Also, remember to consider your style. Hope you can find the one suitable for you.

  • It is true that watching too much television is bad for your eyes. Most experts agree that staring at the television will cause temporary or permanent damage to a person's eyes. As focusing your eyes too long on any one thing can cause eyestrain, a temporarily irritating problem, high eye pressure, dry eye, etc. Besides, color televisions, due to a factory error, emitting excessive X-rays. overexposure to x-rays, the excessive levels of radiation are especially harmful for children and elder people if they long time focus on TV. Because with their heads tilted up, the posture may cause more eyestrain, high eye pressure, near sight and dry eyes. Therefore, you should not watch more than an absolute maximum of 3 hours of TV per day, and don't let TV isolate you from your friends by sitting down in front of the TV and eating too much junk food without moving,which is also bad for your health and may cause overweight. In all, watching too much TV is bad for both eyes and health, so manage your TV time well, and take more exercises.

  • Normal tear is alkalescent clear liquid, if acid containing or alkaline liquid enters eyes, you must race against time local materials thoroughly clean. It is best to face immersed within the basin, then, opening your eyes and swing the head to wash the residue of acid and alkaline chemicals. In addition, hydrochloric acid can neutralize alkaline liquid such as 2 ~ 3% heavy sodium carbonate solution. Finally, using sulfadiazine sodium injection under the conjunctiva.

  • No,they can't help you slow down the myopia, they can only help you correct your vision when reading or working on a computer,but they can't do the job(reading and working on a computer)at the same time.You'd better get progressive glasses which can enable you to see far,middle and near.

  • Yes, when you have sinusitis, it will affect your vision. So you should pay more attention to them. As we know that sinusitis refers to inflammation of the sinuses that occurs with a viral, bacterial, or fungal infection. You should know the cause of sinusitis. The classic symptoms of acute sinusitis in adults usually follow a cold that does not improve. To treat it, the common way is to apply a warm, moist washcloth to your face several times a day. If the situation is still serious, I suggest you should go and see your eye doctor. So that you can take a medical treatment.

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  • In the first place, you should avoid putting it in your bag randomly, for it may be scratched. The sunglass should be put in its own case with a piece of cloth around it. Then, you should attach great importance to its cleaning. You can choose some certain kind of cleaner that suits your sunglass and clean it once a week. At last, you’d better be more careful when using it. Try not to break them carelessly or touch the lens with your fingers.

  • Blinking eyes is an involuntary reflex to relax your eyes and protect against some foreign objects. Without this protection, your eyes would become susceptible to infection and damage potentially, which having immediate and lasting effects on your eyes. Thus, you may get some eye problems, such as dry eyes and itchy eyes.