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Moore Vincent Optometriste (220 Street Jude North

(450) 372-1031

Category: Optical Stores, Eye Doctor

220 Street Jude North

Granby, QC J2G

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  • It will take about a week to get the basic recovery after the cataract surgery. However, you'd better not rub your eyes even if your eyes are normal which may cause the infection of eyes. The eyeballs may get pressure when you rub the eyes and get the bacterium because of the not good hygiene.

  • The size of the pupil always changes depending on the distance, light Intensity, as well as the drug effect change. In fact, in people's life, pupil size with the age growth make a periodic change, 1 year old child has smaller pupil diameter due to the eye muscle develop incompletely. Young people and adults have lager pupils. 40 years old and older people have complex narrow pupil diameter. And the pupil of myopia greater than hyperopia, clear greater than sleep. Strong light stimulus, emotional excited and violent pain will change pupils narrow. In short, in normal circumstances, the size of the pupil is in continuous dynamic changes.

  • Well, firstly, you'd better use ice or a cloth immersed in icy water and wrung out. Secondly, you can reduce swelling and constricting blood vessels by taking something cold to a black eye. This two ways can stop the bleeding below the skin in turn. In order to prevent damage to the skin around your eye from the ice, it is essencial to make a crushed ice pack or grab a package of frozen vegetables and apply the compress to the affected area for 10 minutes at a time (10 minutes off). Meanwhile putting pressure on the swollen eye or trying to force it open are also benefit for curing black eye. But you need keeping in mind that no further injury on your eyes.

  • Red eye is medically known as infectious conjunctivitis, it is an acute infectious ophthalmia. I can give you some good tips to help your red eyes. First, keep your eyes clean. Acute conjunctivitis may have many secretions, so it is very important to keep clean. You can use normal saline or 3%boric acid solution to wash your eyes, and then dip eye drops. Second, in the early period of this symptom, you should cautiously use hormones eye drops, you can have cold compresses, which can help to reduce the swelling. Third, you should avoid stimulation of light and heat, you can wear sunglasses when you go out.

  • As we all know, Pink eye is also named conjunctivitis and viral and bacterial are most commonly the causes of conjunctivitis. So it is possible that pin eye can spread through coughing. A doctor, who told me that conjunctivitis, or pink eye has several types and viral conjunctivitis and bacteria conjunctivitis are the two typical kinds. While when some get cold, virus and bacteria can get out of our bodies by coughing, so it is easy to spread in the air. Then these viral and bacterial may enter your eyes by chance. By the way, pink eyes may also get worse when you swim in a swimming pool. So swimming pool is also a high rate of getting pink eye.

  • High index lenses are made for people who with strong prescription. With high index lenses, people with strong prescription can get thinner and lighter lenses. In details, for the same prescription lenses, the higher the index lenses, the thinner the lenses. But that is not mean higher index lenses are better. You shall choose it according to your prescription. You can consult optician who will tell you which index lenses fit for your prescription lenses.

  • Some people will say cucumbers are effective for dark circles, but others may think not. As far as I am concered, cucumbers can help get rid of dark circles. Dark circles are often caused by dry skin under your eyes. While a cucmber is rich in water containing 90% of water, so they can keep your skin under your eyes smooth. Once your dark circles get enough water, they will go away themselves. I've tried applying cucumbers to treat my dark circles and I found them helpful. However, dark circles can be caused by other factors, so you should figure out what cause your dark circles and treat your dark circles accordingly.

  • If you have low vision, you may have trouble driving, reading, or doing small tasks such as sewing or making crafts. You can make changes in your home and routines that help you stay safe and independent. Many services will provide you with the training and support you need to live independently.low vision means that you have not completely lost all could Contact an ophthalmologist or go to the emergency room
    immediately. Many forms of vision loss only give you a short amount of time to be successfully treated.

  • Compared to other disposable contacts, daily disposable contacts are much more expensive. They can rip easily because they are very thin. And daily disposable lenses may not be available in all of the different colors. This kind of contact lenses can't correct all vision problems.